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The specter of a global food crisis: what can happen now?

And the situation may worsen with war

War disrupts food markets

Crisis fronts

  • Afghanistan where the Taliban has returned to power;
  • war-torn Yemen;
  • the Tigray region — the main scene of battle in Ethiopia’s civil conflict;
  • sub-Saharan African countries besieged by desertification;
  • Madagascar grappling with the worst drought in half a century
  • and Sri Lanks on the brink of total anarchy amid food shortages and the skyrocketing inflation grappling the country.

The dynamics of rising inflation that followed the post-Covid recovery on a global scale and the war “big bang” did the rest.

A protester in Sri Lanka as the country struggles to replenish its supplies due to skyrocketing inflation

Food insecurity becomes geopolitical insecurity and competition for resources.

Toward a Global issue

Ashraf Shazly — AFP/ Getty Images

A worrying picture

“we still have food availability, while the problem is access.”

  • a rapidly changing globalization with increasing decoupling between Russia and the West;
  • generalized insecurity in trade related to geopolitical rivalries;
  • inflation and energy crises that complete the picture of generalized price increases in virtually every good and commodity.

..and this lesson, not to be forgotten, applies even in the age of globalization.

End of Part 1



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