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To Mixers and Beyond: presenting Semaphore, a privacy gadget built on Ethereum

Railway semaphore signals. Source: WikiMedia Commons

About Semaphore

  1. Register their identity in a smart contract, and then:
  2. Broadcast a signal — that is:
    (i) anonymously prove that their identity is in the set of registered identities, and at the same time:
    (ii) Publicly store an arbitrary string in the contract, if and only if that string is unique to the user and the contract’s current external nullifier (more on this below). This means that double-signalling the same message under the same external nullifier is not possible.

How Semaphore works

Anonymously proving membership

Preventing double-signalling

About MicroMix

  1. Nobody can steal deposits.
  2. Nobody can link deposit and withdrawal addresses.
  3. Nobody can censor or shut them down.

MicroMix in action

How MicroMix works

Other applications of Semaphore

Gas use

Future plans for Semaphore and MicroMix

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