Top 10 Bitcoin Maximalist Tweets Of All Time

I am not sure if you know that:

Crypto bear markets often create Bitcoin Maximalists.

And this bear market is no different and it is no surprise that many altcoiners have become bitcoiners now.

But this is not the case always because many have been only-Bitcoin believers from time without beginning. (Since Satoshi created the first block on 3rd Jan 2009).

And I think these believers are more awed by the monetary aspect that Bitcoin brings with itself than the technology itself.

Even, I second with that thought of monetary value because technology is just facilitating to achieve that monetary part i.e. the sound money usecase.

For those of you who don’t know what BTC maximalism is? Should stick around and read this post till the end and for starters here is the explanation:

According to me, “Bitcoin maximalists are hardcore Bitcoin-only believers who don’t believe in alternative usecase of any other cryptocurrency like Ethereum, Litecoin etc other than Bitcoin. The undelying principal is that they don’t believe any other cryptocurrency is worthwhile.”

Well, but today I would not comment on whether this is a right or wrong school of thought but instead, like to present you the best Bitcoin Maximalist tweets of 2018–2019 by popular BTC Maximalists.

So let’s roll these eyeballs a bit:

#1 Saifedean Ammous

The first on my list Saifedeam Ammous- the Economics professors who have written the most prolific book on the subject of Bitcoin i.e. The Bitcoin Standard.

Saifedean does a very commendable job crystallizing the monetary history and Bitcoin altogether in a few hundred pages which is a hard thing to do.

Reading his tweets you can definitely make out that he stands by his beliefs as stated in the book ‘The Bitcoin Standard’

#2. Tone Vays

Tone Vays is one of the earliest Bitcoin Maximalist in this space that I have known off. Of course, his opinions were different when he started off but after investing his significant time in this space has become a BTC Maximalist.

He is a former veteran trader from Wall Street who now creates content around #Economics, #Finance, #Blockchain & #Bitcoin realms.

That’s why I have certainly enjoyed reading his maximalism tweets and I hope you would too:

#3. Trace Mayer

Trace Mayer- an early adopter and evangelist of Bitcoin who started recommending BTC when it was less than a dollar. He is also a monetary scientist and hardcore believer of Bitcoin and HODLer of last resort.

His tweets are also quite informative and insightful to read if you are a Bitcoin fan.

#4. Max Keiser

Max Keiser, the former Wall Street veteran and now the host of one of the most watched financial reporting show on RT is also a Bitcoin supported.

Max started with Bitcoin when it was less than $3 and since than has done a lot for the community to educate people on this subject.

However, he does hold other cryptos but is a hardcore Bitcoin believer where nothing replaces BTC.

#5. Jimmy Song

Another Bitcoin Maximalist that is bullish about Bitcoin as well as believes that we don’t need other coins when we have Bitcoin. Jimmy, is one of the foremost Bitcoin educators, developer, and entrepreneurs of this space.

His regular tweets and short videos also convey his forward-looking Bitcoin maximalism mentality with sound reasoning behind it.

#6. Dennis Parker

Dennis Parker is another Bitcoin believer who calls himself as permabull Bitcoin Maximalist. A permabull is somebody who is always upbeat about the future direction of the markets and economy and in this case, Dennis is certain about the Bitcoin bull stampeding the world of fiat currencies.

#7. Murad Mahmudov

Murad Mahmudov is another ultimate Bitcoin maximalist. He also a cryptocurrency analyst and trader who quite evangelized the thought “Bitcoin, not Blockchain”. He also a monetary economist by thought and an angel investor too.

And I must add that his thoughts and insights on podcasts and Twitter are just an eye-opener:

#8. Michale Goldstein

If you are Bitcoin and meat lover you need to follow Michale Goldstein.

Slightly special combination but that will do it for your Bitcoin thirst as well because he is a hardcore Bitcoin believer and maximalist.

He also hosts a Bitcoin podcast and is the president of Nakamoto Institute- a Bitcoin education institute. And his tweets on Bitcoin are also quite informative:

#9. Francis Pouliot

Francis Pouliot is a well known Bitcoin bull and Maximalist of Bitcoin in the cryptosphere. He is also CEO and co-founder of Bull Bitcoin — Canada’s Bitcoin Company who keeps expressing his timely views of Crypto Twitter:

10. Stephan Livera

Want to learn Bitcoin from the Maximalist himself?

Well, yeah then you need to follow Stephan Livera, a popular Bitcoin Podcast who interviews the best and brightest of this space. He also advocates about giving yourself a financial edge, and learn more about Bitcoin’s economics & technology.

And his tweets are some of the most knowledgeable ones:

Long Story, Short…

So these are of the crypto Twitter gems you can look at if you are beginning your Bitcoin Maximalist journey.

I am sure you must have your own list of Maximalists that you follow if you are into Bitcoin. But this is my list, even though, I am not maximalist.

That’s simply because I believe this space will have more than one winner but for that to happen Bitcoin has to be one of those winners.


I find Bitcoin Maximalism to be a force for good that will ultimately atleast educate people about cryptocurrencies and what better place to start with Bitcoin itself.

That’s all from me. Let’s keep on #learning and #building.

PS: But I am not a Bitcoin Maximalists yet !!

The author is the founder of The Money Mongers and an avid crypto researcher who can help you traverse this wild west of crypto in a lucid way.

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