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Top 10 Bitcoin Maximalist Tweets Of All Time

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Top 10 Bitcoin Maximalist Tweets Of All Time

Crypto bear markets often create Bitcoin Maximalists.

And this bear market is no different and it is no surprise that many altcoiners have become bitcoiners now.

But this is not the case always because many have been only-Bitcoin believers from time without beginning. (Since Satoshi created the first block on 3rd Jan 2009).

And I think these believers are more awed by the monetary aspect that Bitcoin brings with itself than the technology itself.

Even, I second with that thought of monetary value because technology is just facilitating to achieve that monetary part i.e. the sound money use case.

For those of you who don’t know what BTC maximalism is? Should stick around and read this post till the end and for starters here is the explanation:

According to me, “Bitcoin maximalists are hardcore Bitcoin-only believers who don’t believe in alternative usecase of any other cryptocurrency like Ethereum, Litecoin etc other than Bitcoin. The undelying principal is that they don’t believe any other cryptocurrency is worthwhile.”

Well, but today I would not comment on whether this is a right or wrong school of thought but instead, like to present you the best Bitcoin Maximalist tweets of 2018–2019 by popular BTC Maximalists.

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By Sudhir Khatwani

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