Top 5 Gaming Metaverse Projects In 2021

Hekuran Gashi
Nov 30, 2021 · 5 min read

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Metaverse projects have snatched the spotlight of the crypto stage. With tech giants like Microsoft and Facebook launching their own metaverse projects that look out of this world, the new virtual reality seems ready to disrupt the world.

The metaverse market was worth less than $50 billion as of 2020, while the same is expected to reach $280 billion by 2025, as reported by EarthWeb. Just recently, Facebook changed its name to Meta, the prefix of the word “metaverse”, which gave a great boost to most metaverse-based cryptocurrencies.

This year has given metaverse fans plenty of projects to be excited about. Today we will go through the top 5 gaming metaverse projects any crypto gaming enthusiast should know about.

What is a Metaverse?

Metaverse represents a highly immersive, shared virtual reality that allows individuals to play games, socialize, and go to work. The term “metaverse” is made of two prefixes — “meta” stands for “behind or beyond”, or even “more comprehensive”, while the 2nd word of the term, “verse”, derives from the word “universe” and it stands for “area, sphere, or a fictional world”.

Metaverse is co-related with the development of Web3.0 built on the blockchain, which basically, will empower access and authority and soften the tie of the largest tech brands.

The concept of Metaverse isn’t entirely new. The early 2000s introduced the world with plenty of Metaverse forerunners including the well-known Second Life by Linden Lab, and Habbo Hotel by Sulake. They had both caught the attention of early metaverse enthusiasts, with Second Life still being used by more than 200,000 users daily.

Yet, the metaverse offered by the projects we will talk about below is an entirely new level.

Bloktopia presents a creative twist to virtual reality. Rather than building a massive map of the land, the creative team of Bloktopia has come up with a vertically-stacked environment where users can play, earn, learn, and create.

Bloktopia is a 21-level metaverse skyscraper, paying homage to the 21 million coin supply of the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Just like in other metaverses, users can buy, sell, and own virtual properties. NFTs on Bloktopia come in the form of REBLOK, ADBLOK, and JOBE, which generate revenue through virtual real estate and adverting, respectively, presenting a great opportunity for passive income in form of $BLOK tokens to the owners.

Bloktopia has closed successful fundraising campaigns, including the VC deal with BullPerks, and IDO deals with RedKite, Seedity, Oxbull, and TrustPad. Also, the team has so far announced partnerships with some of the biggest players in the industry, including Elrond Network, Animoca Brands, and Kucoin, which has made the project grab the spotlight of the crypto world. Also. the Binance NFT has just recently set its very own office in the BLOK metaverse.

In Bloktopia’s virtual world, users will be able to visit the offices and virtually engage with the team, allowing brands to improve engagement and relationships with their users.

Decentraland was founded in 2017 and is one of the first metaverse platforms built on the Ethereum Network.

The project’s NFT-based model allows individuals to buy from the limited number of 90,601 in-game land plots. Each LAND includes a total of 16 square meters, and the owner can build and improve it the way they wish for more in-game benefits or simply sell it for a profit.

Decentraland’s metaverse ecosystem operates under its native token, $MANA. Token holders are given the right to vote on policy changes and propose details on LAND listings.

Sandbox is an NFT-based metaverse where users can play, build, and monetize their assets. The platform’s virtual world built by the Sandbox is community-driven and a great representation of the basic principles of decentralization.

The user-generated content environment of the platform has its own NFT marketplace where players can buy and sell in-game land and estate for a more immersive experience. The transaction inside the platform is done through its official token, $SAND.

Additionally, the $SAND token holders are offered access to the platform’s exclusive features together with governing rights and staking.

Highstreet is an NFT-based gamified shopping experience supported by Ethereum and Polygon Network.

Highstreet differs from other metaverse projects in the list as it offers a part-digital, part-physical (“phygital”) hybrid virtual experience, bringing the retail industry to a whole new level.

NFTs are an essential part of Highstreet’s ecosystem. The in-game NFT characters, known as FOMO Ducks, enable users to buy, sell, and own real-life items, and allow brands to reach their crypto-enthusiastic customers. Also, users will be able to earn tokens by simply spending time playing the game, or completing quests.

Meta Hero is one of the first platforms to bring 3D scanning and modeling technology to a metaverse. This technology, coming to life with the assistance of their partners, Wolf Studio, allows users to effortlessly transform their real-world assets into NFTs for a metaverse.

The incorporation of meta scanners in the metaverse offers plenty of revolutionary use cases including 3D printing, scanning network, and building of in-game characters. While the 4K HD scanners are already functional, the team is planning to upgrade to 16K Ultra HD in the near future.

Metahero’s native token, $HERO, is used for transactions within the platform such as buying and selling assets in the marketplace, paying for scans and royalties.

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