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TrueBlocks / Covalent Comparison


Our process


Speed: TrueBlocks is faster

Accuracy: TrueBlocks is more complete

             Covalent returned data      TrueBlocks returned data
nAddrs that TrueBlocks did not that Covalent did not

5,000 - 3,174
nTxs (Covalent)   nTxs (TrueBlocks)       Diff       Material
1,336,508 1,534,997 198,489 45,328

Why is TrueBlocks more accurate?

Word cloud of missed material transactions found by TrueBlocks but not Covalent

Privacy: TrueBlocks is local-first

Flexibility: TrueBlocks is a platform

Sources of Error

Predominance of GitCoin-related addresses in the dataset

Misuse of Covalent APIs

Focus on smaller addresses

Block range limit

Reproducing results

Using this repo

  1. Clone this repo and change into the ./exploration/covalent folder.
  2. Visit the Covalent website and get an API key. Put the key (alone) in a file called .env in the covalent folder.
  3. Run ./init to set up the folders and build a simple post-processing tool (requires go language version 1.18 or later).
  4. Collect together your own list of addresses (or use ours — see the file called addresses.txt in the folder). Create a shell script called ./download (or use ours). Make the shell script repeatedly call into ./download.1 (as ours does) to process each address.
  5. Run the ./download command.
  6. The results of that command will will be placed in appropriate-named subfolders in a folder called ./store.

Obtaining the data


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