Use NBdomain to manage contents on Blockchain with ease

Nov 15, 2020 · 3 min read

One of the promises that Blockchain brings to the public is to save immutable content, thus encourage an honest world. But there are various challenges that prevent average people to utilize this feature.

NBdomain is designed to make the blockchain easy to use. Let’s see how we can use NBdomain to manage content on the blockchain.

Let’s assume you have either registered a free NBdomain or a personalized NBdomain.

With the NBdomain at hand, you can log in to “My domains

After authorizing the signature request from the wallet, you will be able to log in and see the blockchain contents associated with the domain.

Click “ADD” to add a new subdomain, for example ‘demo’ and input the content that associates with the subdomain.

After authorizing the payment from the wallet, this content will be saved on the blockchain.

Note 1: The user can create an unlimited amount of subdomains, so the blockchain contents that you can have is unlimited.

Note 2: The content can be any form of text. Different apps can interpret different kinds of content. You can try plain text or “Markdown text”.

Access the content

Maxthon browser version 6 (both desktop and mobile version) has built-in an interpreter to resolve and display NBdomain content. For the above example, the user can type nb://demo.100860.b in the Maxthon browser to visit the content saved.

Maxthon 6 download

Tip: You can visit nb://md.1010.test to see some demo markdown text.


With NBdomain, people can save blockchain content with ease and manage all content in one place. All the content can be visited through an easy to remember URL.

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