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Vapor Nodes — 1% Daily rewards. The cheapest node out there.

  • 10% Liquidity
  • 10% Team/Marketing/Expense/Partnership Pool
  • 80% Treasury- 25% is swapped to $AVAX

Intro and features


  • Compound bonus:
  • Diamond hands levels:



RPC endpoints:

They also have a referral feature.

  1. Copy the unique link in your Referral tab.
  2. Share the link with your friends, ask them to create a node.
  3. Once they do, you’ll get a 5% commission, on the amount they used to create a node.

Investments and future plans

  • Vapor chain (Avalanche subnet)
  • Vapor launch (Launchpad)

How to set up your first Node:

  • Create a MetaMask wallet, add the Avalanche RPC, and fund your wallet with some AVAX.
  • Go to, or click on my referral link
  • Click on “Buy VPND”, you will be redirected to Purchase the amount of $VPND you want (over 1k).
  • Go back to the page, click on launch app, connect your wallet and click on create node.
  • Add the amount of $VPND you want to allocate.
  • Done :)


Check it out 👇:

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