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For hands-on coin data visualization, analysis, and comparison

Visualize and analyze cryptocurrencies in full detail online

View historical prices and market caps with full control of time ranges, plotting data in linear or log scale, raw data or normalized to the last date or as daily differences or coefficients of variation, even smoothing over time. Compare pairs of coins, too, and ask for custom versions of the app suited to your needs.

6 min readMar 13, 2022


Disclaimer: Neither the app presented here nor this article constitute financial advice. I am not liable for problems, errors or bugs in the program or the data and graphics it provides. And of course, I am not liable for any misuse of the app, the data and plots provided by it, or for economic losses you might incur in as a result of using the app.

That said, have fun and do get in touch for questions or suggestions!

Getting a grasp on data is essential to facilitate learning of new subjects, inform decisions, etc. The crypto world is no different.

I recently published this article which presented a draft web app for cryptocurrency data retrieval, visualization, and analysis, all online. Rather than on a specific full web app, the article was actually focused on the components I had to assemble to make it work:

But of course, people came right away to ask for ready apps they could use, not caring much about the code but on actually getting to see crypto data with full control. So I set myself to work on this new project during my free time.

Fortunately, for my previous article I had already thought about all the elements and I had even written pieces of code and a draft app. So I could quickly come up with a first version of the app that so many people awaits:



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