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We have come a long way…..

Hey Guys,

We wish you a Happy new year from Coinmonks Team.

2019 was a great year for Coinmonks, we have published more than 700 stories and gained thousands of subscribers. We are now one of the largest Crypto focused publications, all thanks to our contributors and readers.

Crypto is full of new opportunities, and continuous innovation is changing the space rapidly. Because of this, we think education is essential for the community.

We are pretty optimistic about the future, and we believe Crypto is going to thrive in the coming years and onboard billions of new users. We will always be with you in this journey.

Looking for an Intern

We are looking for an intern for our CoinCodeCap Project. The only qualification is you need to be genuinely interested in Crypto space. If you are interested, DM us on Twitter or send me an email to

Best Stories from 2019


We are building CoinCodeCap, a place to discover and review crypto products. If you are building a crypto product, list it on CoinCodeCap.


Recently QuikNode released a Free Ethereum APIs, it will a lot of developers to start with Ethereum development. Check it out here.

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Get published on Coinmonks

If you like to write educational articles on crypto/blockchain space and wanna get published on Coinmonks publication. Just mail me at or DM me Twitter

“We are a Non-promotional and Non-profit educational publication If you like to read Coinmonks, You can donate us too.

That’s it for now, send me ❤️, until next time.



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Gaurav Agrawal

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