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  • The function constructor is used to define the name and identifier of the NFT;
  • safeMint will mint 1 NFT for the target address, and automatically increment the tokenId, and use this ID in the next minting;
  • _baseURI is a fixed link that prefixes all tokenURI;
  • tokenURI is spliced ​​by _baseURI + tokenId, the link stores MetaData;
  • MetaData stores the token information required by NFT trading websites, such as NFT description, tag attributes, image address, etc.
  • tokenURI is _baseURI + tokenID
  • 0x6c8fc146813bdac9bf0100dfb3c5105c0951d2048978b5d86376c03acbf63a09
  • 0xea0aa7bcf7072db62ee77a8ed938db23e47c81af1a5842381c9d8a7005534cd7
  • Platform:Rinkeby
  • Address:0x8AdF4a5029d409ef9610D647584b411b2Bea0916

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