Web3 Lingos to Help You Fit In

Part 1

Zainab Balogun O.
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3 min readSep 27, 2023


you fitting in nicely

There are some common slangs & terminologies thrown around in the Web3 space that’ll make you go “What are these people even talking about?”.

They might sound strange & complicated, but many of them really aren’t. Some of the words are even formed by mistake.

Today’s #web3wednesday “episode” will help clear some of the confusion & so you’ll have no problem fitting right in if/when you find yourself among web3/crypto/blockchain folks.

Diving in:

1. 👋 Gm

…is exactly what you think it means — good morning. While the meaning is obvious, it’s used a lot by people in the crypto community to exchange pleasantries.

Someone would tweet “gm gm” & people would reply “gm” back. It’s just a casual thing they do & everyone is accepting of it.

Although I found it funny when I observed that gm is used no matter the time of the day.

Whether afternoon, evening, or night, they (web3 folks) don’t think it strange to use gm as a conversation starter.

It’s basically the crypto-equivalent for “hello”

2. 🚀 WAGMI

…means We-All-Gonna-Make-It.

It’s used to spread good vibes or sometimes wrap up a conversation.

Something like:

“gm Tobi, I feel better today, thanks for asking, WAGMI 🚀”

There’s also NGMI. The ‘N’ in the abbreviation stands for ‘Not’. You probably can already complete the rest. This one’s the opposite of WAGMI. Bad vibes.


3. 🐻 Bear Market

This ‘bear market’ term is used to denote a long period of decline in crypto prices, negative market outcomes, etc. It’s basically a red color/trail on the market graph that denotes: “Things aren’t looking good my fren”

A conversation with the term would go:

“Remember during the bear market last year? when I couldn’t buy myself a single pack of caprisonne? ”

4. 🐂 Bull Market

The bull market is the opposite of the bear market. Here, there’s a rise in prices of assets like crypto, stock market, etc. There’s growth, investments are yielding good returns & people are feeling good about their portfolios.

Basically, the color on the graph is blinking green, everyone’s smiling & there’s enough Caprisonne to go round.

“I hope the bull market era lasts foreverrrr”

PS: if like me, you have a tendency to mix up the terms “bull & bear”, use this hack — A bull attacks its prey by lifting & throwing them up with its horns while a bear, pounds & smashes down its prey.

5. 🦘 Rug pull

A rug pull is the crypto/DeFi terminology for a scam or fraudulent project. It’s when the project owner(s) or developer(s) suddenly intentionally abandons a project after making people invest in it.

A rug pull causes people to lose money.

Well except the frauds.


“Don’t invest in that project, I heard some rumors about a potential rug pull. Let me help you keep the money :)”


Thanks for reading

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Until next time, WAGMI :)



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