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What is Quarkchain (QKC)?

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Features of the Quarkchain Token Cryptocurrency

  • FLEXIBILITY– The Quarkchain Token (QKC) Cryptocurrency is a public chain that supports multiple consensuses, token economics, multiple transaction models with virtual machines, known as VMs, ledger in one network. Furthermore, it can reportedly adapt to various innovations of the blockchain by customizing consensus, ledger, transaction models with VMs, and token economics, in every shard in order to satisfy the different requirements of different enterprises, DApps (decentralized mobile applications) and industries. This network supports two consensus algorithms, which are: PoW and PoSW, which is a combination of PoS+PoW. Moreover, consensus algorithm (PoS, DPoS and much more) will be added into various shards in the future. It is EVM compatible and every decentralized app or DApp deployed on the Ethereum can be deployed in the Quarkchain Token (QKC) Cryptocurrency. This team is also planning to add some more virtual machines such as EOS VM, in a wide range of shards so that the developers have more choices.
  • SCALABILITY– The Quarkchain Token (QKC) Cryptocurrency focuses on delivering around 100,000+ on-chain TPS. Currently, around 55000+ peak TPS has also been achieved in this TPS Competition that is held within the community.
  • DECENTRALIZATION– The Quarkchain Token (QKC) Cryptocurrency has a two-layered structure. Also, it encourages individual miners with various levels of capability in order to mine directly without joining the mining pools. People can also choose to mine either in the shard or in the root chain.
  • GREAT USABILITY– The Quarkchain Token (QKC) Cryptocurrency also supports native tokens that enable every shard to have its own token economics. It further supports scalable cross-shard transactions. There is no need to have numerous accounts as only one account is required to access the entire resources in various shards, and the small wallets simplify the whole management.

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