When fiat currency is volatile

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2 min readSep 26, 2022


Photo by Breno Machado on Unsplash

Cryptocurrency may not promise you to become rich immediately, but it did foresee the worst scenario of the fiat currency — uncontrollable inflation that makes fiat currency unstable.

We knew it would happen, but it just did not happen as quickly as we imagined dating back to 2008.

Inflation is climbing into the most dangerous zone in decades:

These types of inflation usually will never occur unless we were:

✅ at war

✅ at the trade war

✅ at the political turmoil

✅ at the economic crisis

✅ at the energy crisis

✅ at the challenge of new power

✅ at the currency transition

In the meanwhile, governments are doing a business-usual.

While the currency crisis intends to repeat itself, it will get worse,

Or maybe not…

Or maybe yes…