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Why did I choose to #HODL $FURY?

The project Fanfury ( earlier known as crypto11) has a simple yet nonexisting Daily Fantasy Application on the blockchain. The Fanfury Dapp if not the best in the Gaming industry, but certainly is one of the most awaited.

This project has gone from zero to million dollar public raise in no time during the first quarter of 2022. It has also seen lows during the second quarter same year(with the collapse of UST).

Yet they announced their launch on the Juno chain this month, which is incredible. Though the prices have been at 50% of what was offered as public price in the forge event in May 2022.

If you have closely observed that $fury is something that has 100% utility on its platform. This utility may range from owning a fan club to placing a bet to purchasing an NFT, etc. It also has a mechanism to generate platform fees in the form of stable currency.

These earnings have been depicted as ‘A’ & ‘B’ in the below diagram. Whereas I see most of the tokens just distributing profits based on the collection of their taxes/platform_fees. Here at Fanfury, there are additional benefits to holders who are providing liquidity to the system to gain more $fury by participating in Staking or Club Ownerships.

I am not certain about the APR/APY but what I am certain of is, if the platform has daily active users then certainly there is no better APR offering platform in the current market trend.

Disclaimer: It is the writer's opinion and has no direct or indirect affiliation with the project. This information is an NFA.

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