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Will Banks Perish or Adapt? The Future of DeFi will Decide.

Banks have been functioning since the 14th century. Through debt/ credit system, they bring economic growth, yet they fail when things go wrong.

Cross Border Payments

What is Money?

What happens if the currency is not backed by anything of value?

Source: US Money Reserve

Too much? Inflation

Photo by Eugene Baron

Too Less? Deflation

The role of banks in Economic disaster

The Disaster

Source: The Balance

What do you think happened with Evergrande?

The fall of Bitcoin

Why do people sell?

Why do we need the banks?

Source: Times of India

What solution do I propose?

Coming Back to Our Story

How can bitcoin be used for lending/ borrowing?

Crypto Lending

A loan without Collateral

AAVE Working

A Unicorn or a Cake?

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