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YouHodler Review 2022 | Earn 12% Interest on your Crypto

In this article, we will review YouHodler, a swiss based crypto lending platform launched in 2018. It is a crypto-fiat financial service. You can earn guaranteed returns on depositing funds. Funds can also be borrowed against your crypto assets, as YouHodler supports crypto/fiat and crypto/crypto conversions. You can get cheap fiat money loans (USD, EUR, CHF, GBP) using cryptocurrency as collateral.

YouHodler is a member of the BlockChain Association and the Financial Commission, in the western Switzerland chapter, which serves as an outlet to any dispute resolution outside the platform. It is a centralized finance service and accepts users from over 180 countries.

You can deposit your Bitcoin or Altcoins in your YouHodler Wallet that offers the highest interest rates on the market. You can get returns up to 12% in stablecoins and up to 8% in other cryptocurrencies. YouHodler helps you grow your crypto portfolio, generate passive income in several ways, and don’t offer native tokens like other Celsius Network and Nexo platforms.

YouHodler KYC Process

Before depositing any funds to YouHodler, you must verify your identity. You have to take a selfie with your identity proof. It can be a passport, driving license, or national ID. You have to submit your personal information such as full name, date of birth, nationality, and address. Now, the YouHodler team will verify all the information. Once your account is approved, you can perform transactions.


You can deposit Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies and start earning Interest right away. The saving account rates vary for each cryptocurrency. The minimum amount to start earning the interest is $50 (in crypto equivalent).

YouHodler Cryptocurrency Support

If you own any other cryptocurrency or fiat, you can convert them into any of the above coins. Your returns are deposited directly into your wallet every week. If you want to check your earnings daily, you can head over to the “Earned” section. Your payments are in stablecoin and cryptocurrencies.

YouHodler offers compound interest, which is added every week. If you don’t withdraw your interest, you can earn more profit. If you withdraw the deposited amount before seven days, you will receive your interest anyway. Interest is calculated approximately every 6 hours.

You can deposit your fiat currency (EUR, USD or GBP) into your YouHodler wallet via debit/credits card or a bank wire transfer. You can access your funds 24/7.

How YouHodler Works? How to request a loan?

You can apply for a loan either in fiat or Bitcoin and can use your crypto assets as collateral. You will immediately receive the loan amount in USD, EURO, Stablecoins, and Bitcoin. As soon as you pay back the loan, you will receive your collateral irrespective of whether its price has increased.

There is no criteria to check whether you are eligible for a loan or not. If you have enough collateral and a verified account, you are good to go. You have to choose from the following three options for the loan duration.


The longer the duration of the loan, the lower the LTV. Your interest rate depends on the option you choose rather than the amount of collateral you put up.

Youhodler Loan to value review

YouHodler Withdrawals

You can withdraw your funds using any of the following three options -

  1. Bank wire withdrawal using SWIFT and SEPA. They are available worldwide.
  2. Credits card withdrawal using Mastercard or VISA.
  3. You can buy crypto or stablecoins from the exchange.

If you are unable to pay your loan, you have the following three options -

  1. Your loan will be paid immediately using your collateral, and YouHodler will transfer the remaining amount to you.
  2. You can extend the loan duration. You can extend the Price Down Limit using the extend PDL button. You can do so by adding extra collateral. This feature is not accessible when using YouHodler MultiHODL and Turbocharge.
YouHodler Extend loan

3. You can also immediately exchange your assets with cash and get 85% of the value. You don’t need to repay.

YouHodler Multi HODL

YouHodler MultiHODL helps you diversify your portfolio and earn high returns. Youhodler suggests keeping 80% of your crypto assets in a saving account with fixed returns. And to allocate the remaining 20% percent in high returning investments and bets that are attached to limited risk. You never lose more than what you have invested.

How to use YouHodler MultiHODL?

  1. Select the coin you want to trade.
  2. Select the direction you think the price will go, UP or DOWN.
  3. Select the amount from your wallet. Choose multiplicator (up to X30 available).
  4. Choose Take Profit and Stop Loss levels. What is good — you can adjust them any time after you open the deal.
  5. Pless “Start” button. That’s it. You can end your investment whenever you feel the profit is high. You can keep your position open as long as you want, Youhodler offers free leverage usage and no swaps and free rollover.

Cryptocurrency prices change frequently. If a cryptocurrency’s price goes down, the loan amount will not be altered if it follows certain conditions. These conditions are specified in “Price Down Limit”(PDL). All the packages have predefined PDL. If the price of your collateral drops below the PDL, Youhodler can sell the collateral and close the loan. You will be notified through email if the price drops below 75 percent of the collateral.

If the collateral price goes up, you can select the “Take Profit” feature and choose the “Close price” level. When the price reaches that level, Youhodler will sell the collateral, repay the loan, and transfer the remaining amount to your wallet.

YouHodler Turbocharge

It follows the principle of a “cascade of loans,” that is, it offers you a chain of loans. You can borrow fiat currency to buy crypto with zero commission. Then use the crypto as collateral for additional loans in the chain. YouHodler has a fixed fee and zero rollover fees. It is best put to use for bull runs.

YouHodler Turbo charge review

How to use YouHodler Turbocharge?

  1. Transfer crypto to your YouHodler wallet and use it as collateral to get your first loan.
  2. The borrowed funds are automatically used to buy more crypto to get a new loan. The whole process is repeated three to ten times, according to your wish.
  3. Since cryptocurrency prices frequently change; hence it is required to set the desired profit so that it is easy to track. Whenever you reach the set profit, the platform automatically closes your deal.
  4. If you don’t reach the set profit or you want to close without repaying. YouHodler will use the collateral to repay all the loans. You can duplicate your collateral and earn up to 6.5 times of your initial collateral. It is cheaper than trading.

Cryptocurrency support for Turbocharge

The following cryptocurrencies are available for YouHodler Turbocharge.

You can also set a limit on the losses you are comfortable with if the losses are more than that, YouHodler automatically closes the deal and starts repaying all the loans.

YouHodler Security Review

YouHodler stores most of the funds securely in cold storage i.e it is offline and safe. It has additionally partnered with reputable banks in Europe and Switzerland to store your funds safely. Each deal is a legal binding contract that follows EU rules and guidelines. The Ledger Vault, a global security leader, secures all the funds and provides additional multi-authorization self-custody options to its users.

YouHodler Insurance — Is Youhodler safe and legit?

YouHodler benefits from the Ledger Vault’s pooled customized crime insurance program insuring crypto-assets for up to $150 million led by the prestigious Arch UK Lloyds of London syndicate. This prevents you from risks such as employee theft and third party theft of private keys.

It provides a 3FA security level. If you have more than USD 10,000 in your account, you can disable withdrawal. It will be enabled only if you request it and provide identity proof. This eliminates the possibility of suspicious withdrawals.

It has also partnered with Elliptic and CipherTrace to monitor all transactions and protect its users from money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud schemes, and more. They help YouHodler improve their sanction compliance and Anti Money Laundering.

YouHodler Referral

YouHodler has an affiliate program. It offers up to $150 for each active customer you bring to the platform. You can download their media kit, which makes it easier to promote. They provide transparent tracking and performance reports. You can receive your payment in either cash or crypto.

YouHodler Review: Pro and Cons

Let’s review the advantages and disadvantages of YouHodler.


  1. You can earn up to 12% annual interest.
  2. You get weekly compound interest.
  3. It is safe and secure.
  4. YouHodler offers flexible repayment options.
  5. You can withdraw immediately.
  6. YouHodler doesn’t do credit checks, the only requirement is that you should have enough collateral.
  7. YouHodler has diverse investment options.
  8. It has a user-friendly interface.

Cons :

  1. It is a relatively new platform.

YouHodler Review: Conclusion

In summary, we see that YouHodler is backed by some of the biggest names in the Blockchain industry and offers the highest interest rates. It also has unique features such as MultiHODL and Turbocharge. In addition, they follow best practices to secure your funds and protected by a reputed insurance program. So what are you waiting for? Open a YouHodler saving account today and earn 12% interest.

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