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UUU ZED Run Horse

ZED Run: What is a Foal Swap?

What is a foal swap?

Why do a foal swap?

How to structure the deal

The Parents

Z2 Nakamoto Legendary Colt
Z4 Nakamoto Legendary Mare
Quality: Heat Rate at Mid-Distance
Needle: Heat Rate at Mid-Distance
Quality: High Base Ability, Low Variance
Needle: Lower Base Ability, High Variance

The Offspring

Bloodline Generation in Breeding
Breed Generation in Breeding

Stud Fee

Minimum Stud Fee for Z2 Nakamoto Legendary as of 5/24/2022

Stud Duration

Stud Fee Allocation as of 5/24/2022

The Foal Swap Calculator

Starting Assumptions
Screen for Unraced, Unbred Z6 Nakamoto Exclusive Sales
Range of Prices Paid for UUU Z6 Nakamoto Exclusive Foals
Deal Structure 1: 100% Rebate & 20% Preferred Return
Deal Structure 2: 100% Rebate & 45.4% Preferred Return
Deal Structure & Transaction Summary

Concluding Thoughts

Pricing & Valuation Resources

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