ZetaChain: The Highway of Cross-Chain Interoperability

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ZetaChain: The future of Multichain

The beauty of ZetaChain can be described by envisioning a blockchain as a data highway. In this analogy, ZetaChain is the actual highway and the multiple lanes hosted on this highway can be explained as the peak functioning interoperability of various network chains.

The ZetaCain Highway

ZetaChain can be defined as not just a single highway with a predefined set number of lanes, but offering a single lane for data exchange for every application and its corresponding blockchain — A blockhain as a data network without any speed-limits, traffic congestions and at any given point of data transfer, the singular lane in question belongs to a single particular driver. It’s a race track with one users as the sole supercar driver burning the wheels. Today with the ever growing demand of the crypto ecosystem, it has been ever so necessary for blockchains to be able to scale and provide a higher uptime. Though all of this demands comes at an extra cost. This cost being blockchains getting overloaded with multiple transactions, eventually leading to an overall slowdown.

ZetaChain CCTX (Cross-chain transaction)

The kind of scalability ZetaChain aims to offer to users across the board, makes it a top choice to handle large volumes of transactions without overloading during super high demand.

How does ZetaChain achieve all this?

Unlike other blockchain projects, ZetaChain has achieved its Omni-chain working mechanism by building on the Cosmos SDK. Very few maybe aware, but Cosmos is a Layer-0 blockchain. No, its not a typing mistake, Layer-0 blockchain bery much exist, and these are the blockchains that allow for the creation of nee blockchains on top of them.

Omnichain deployment if ZetaChain

Unlike other blockchains, Cosmos does not make its own network a priority, but rather helps in accelerating the working mechanism of an ecosystem of networks that can share data between themselves with not a single centralised party driving the event.

Current state of ZetaChain?

The ZetaChain Explorer

Users can search for information on any transaction with just the TX Hash. Since ZetaChain is a public blockchain and all information occuring on ZetaChain is public, users can easily see what type of transaction was executed (Send or Receive) and between whom (sender-receiver)and across what chain (Polygon, Ethereum etc)…I am attaching an explorer example image below:

Actual screenshot of a transaction on ZetaChain Explorer

The best part about ZetaChain has to be the structural framework of how the transaction fees are determined. Even though ZetaChain aims at enabling the transfer of assets across different blockchains, gas-fee has always been an issue while interacting with different protocols. This becomes a huge hassle for the users interacting with multiple smart-contracts.

ZetaChain enables the users to pay for all the fees consolidated within a singke transaction. So instead of a user having to pay the smart contract mainnet fee and then interacting with the contract again to pay the gas-fee, ZetaChain makes the entire process super simple by rolling all the fees in one.

Another offering to note with ZetaChain has to do with asset handling. More often than not, multiple protocols that aim to be cross-chain or interoperable in nature, rewuire the user to convert their main asset to a Wrapped version. For eg, wETH (Wrapped Ethereum), but these wrapped assets bring in a huge problem of contract exploits and we can clearly see the depeg of stETH from the main ETH. ZetaChain solves this as well.


Currently ZetaChain is live on their Athens (testnet) Devnet and soon the project will announce the launch of their ZetaChain Mainnet. Developers can currently deploy their dApps on the Athens Testnet. At the time of writing, there are already 10 dApps live on the ZetaChain testnet network.

Overall, ZetaChain has a super unique proposition and yes, it is the only blockchain thats offers fully interoperable smart contracts. Furthermore, ZetaChain also enables interoperability to non-smart-contract chains like Bitcoin & Doge.


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