Buy Bitcoin with Apple Pay + Google Pay on DropBit!

Coin Ninja ⚡
Nov 5, 2019 · 2 min read

DropBit — The fastest and Easiest Way to Send Bitcoin now offers the Fastest and Easiest Way to BUY Bitcoin!

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Buy Bitcoin on DropBit with Apple Pay or Google Pay in 3 quick taps

From a Nocoiner to Newcoiner in 3 taps on DropBit!

We are thrilled to announce a major partnership with Wyre that will allow users to buy Bitcoin directly on the DropBit App using Apple Pay or Google Pay with just a few simple taps. In less than 2 minutes from install to purchase complete, any non-technical users can easily, securely and confidently buy up to $500 in Bitcoin and it will load directly into their DropBit Wallet.

And perhaps best of all — there is no need to make additional transfers to other addresses and there is no KYC — meaning no requirement of providing personal information from the buyer! You simply just need to have Apple Pay or Google Pay setup on your mobile phone — the entire process takes less than 2 minutes!

Buy Bitcoin on DropBit in 30 Seconds or Less Using Apple Pay + Google Pay

Lightning on DropBit

The DropBit Wallet, which is open source and just recently released version 3.0 with a locked preview of Lightning Network for all users,

If you want to get unlocked early, keep watching us on Twitter @dropbitapp and look out for ways to jump the line and get unlocked. We will be unlocking handfuls of new users every day and running contests regularly!

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