DropBit 2.0 is here: Send Bitcoin with Twitter!

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Jun 18, 2019 · 3 min read
DropBit now lets you send and receive Bitcoin using Twitter.

We are thrilled to introduce DropBit 2.0 with Twitter sending — a revolutionary way to send Bitcoin to anyone on Twitter without the need for them to send an address or even have a previous Bitcoin wallet set up!

At DropBit our mission has always been to accelerate the global adoption of Bitcoin. A big part of this mission is to make it easier to get new people or ‘Newcoiners’ their first BTC without first sending them through a multi-step process of creating a wallet and explaining the technicalities of seed words, confirmations, and blockchain to them. DropBit guides them through this steps they need to securely receive and store bitcoin on their phone.

Earlier this year, we released the capability to send Bitcoin to anyone in your contact list by allowing users to send Bitcoin via Phone Number world wide. This was met with a very positive response from the community as there is a nearly universal recognition that the Bitcoin wallet experiences need to be as simple as PayPal or Venmo and this is the standard that DropBit aspires to be. DropBit is and will always be the easiest way to send and receive Bitcoin.

Sending Bitcoin via Twitter

While our users love the texting Bitcoin feature to their friends and family, we also know that you may want to send to people whom you don’t have their phone number and needed another way to get them Bitcoin. Accordingly, we saw an opportunity to build an experience that those users can enjoy by allowing users to Send and Receive Bitcoin using Twitter.

DropBit allows you to send Bitcoin to anyone on Twitter

With DropBit Twitter sending, you can send Bitcoin to anyone on Twitter and all you need is that person’s username.

Once you send, we’ll notify the recipient that they’ve received Bitcoin and all they have to do is install the free DropBit app, verify their Twitter account and the Bitcoin shows up in their wallet. If they already have DropBit on their phone, the send via Twitter will go through instantaneously. It couldn’t be more simple.

And you can choose to allow us to send the message or you can customize the message to be more personal.

DropBit users can even send an encrypted custom memo notifying the recipient what the Bitcoin is for just like Venmo.

  • Show support for an account, their cause, or because you like their content.
  • Get people who you think will be influential voices in Bitcoin to own Bitcoin (@elonmusk 👀 )
  • It’s fast, easy and spreads the adoption of Bitcoin 🚀 🚀 🚀
  • Perfect for Contests and Giveaways — Reward your followers (or gain more) by running a contest/drawing and giving away Bitcoin as the prize! Our experience provides the easiest and most seamless way to do so. Simply specify the amount you want to send, search for their twitter handle in the DropBit app, and press send. It is that simple!

And now…a giveaway 💰💰💰(Win $100 in BTC)

To show how easy it is to use DropBit with Twitter we are giving away $100 in BTC to 3 of our followers. Simply follow @dropbitapp and retweet this tweet for your chance to win!

Contest Details: To enter this contest you must follow the @dropbitapp and retweet the above tweet. 3 winners will be chosen randomly at 12:00pm EST on June 19th 2019. The winner will be sent $100 in BTC to their twitter handle via DropBit before 12:00pm EST on June 20th.

  • Try the DropBit app https://dropbit.app
  • DropBit is a non-custodial. We never hold your bitcoin!
  • DropBit is Open Source Wallet, so you can check the code yourself.
  • Have a question or suggestion? We’d love to hear from you.

Coin Ninja

Accelerating the global adoption of Bitcoin

Coin Ninja ⚡

Written by

Accelerating the global adoption of Bitcoin. Check out the DropBit mobile Bitcoin wallet at https://dropbit.app

Coin Ninja

Accelerating the global adoption of Bitcoin

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