Introducing Adjustable fees for DropBit Sends

Coin Ninja ⚡
Jul 9, 2019 · 1 min read

As we continue to remove friction and make sending and receiving Bitcoin easy and seamless via our mobile Bitcoin wallet DropBit, one of the most highly requested features has been to provide adjustable fees. So today we are pleased to announce adjustable fees are available on the latest iOS and Android versions of DropBit! 🎉

Adjustable fees are now available in a few taps of the latest version of the DropBit app!

With adjustable fees, you can prioritize a fast send with a higher fee or look to optimize your transaction with the lowest fee. And you can easily change this with each transaction once you toggle the adjustable fees setting on in the settings menu on your DropBit app.

We came up with a proprietary method for calculating fees which will provide the optimum balance of speed in sending vs. cost to send. And as a reminder, DropBit does not charge any additional fees beyond the Bitcoin blockchain mining fees.

More about DropBit

  • Try the DropBit app
  • Follow us on Twitter for regular updates.
  • DropBit is a non-custodial. We never hold your bitcoin!
  • DropBit is Open Source Wallet, so you can check the code yourself.
  • Have a question or suggestion? We’d love to hear from you.

Coin Ninja

Accelerating the global adoption of Bitcoin

Coin Ninja ⚡

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Accelerating the global adoption of Bitcoin. Check out the DropBit mobile Bitcoin wallet at

Coin Ninja

Accelerating the global adoption of Bitcoin

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