UPDATE: Coinounce— A Blockchain Translation Agency

The cryptocurrency industry is moving and changing at a rapid rate. Companies within the industry are forced to adapt to market conditions, which have recently not been favourable at all.

Within Coinounce, a leading blockchain translation agency, we are constantly looking for opportunities and partnerships that secure not only client growth and satisfaction, but also our company’s growth within the industry. Unlike many ICO agencies, we primarily focus on developing highly personalised relationships with clients and partners, rather than mainstream marketing on multiple platforms. This has differentiated us from other agencies in the cryptosphere and within the general localisation industry.


Coinounce is proud to have signed strong partnerships and co-operations with highly reputable marketing and cryptocurrency agencies. 
A formal partnership agreement has been signed with iAM Marketing, a high performance marketing agency based in Hong Kong and the USA. Coinounce assists iAM Marketing with the community management channels of their most recent clients.

Furthermore, Coinounce has signed an agreement with Saxon Advisors, a London-based Digital Assets Advisory firm. Saxon Advisors assists Coinounce clients with their listing on cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Bittrex, Bitfinex, Huobi and many others. Furthermore, Saxon Advisors offers token valuation reports and investor / exchange insight reports for Initial Coin Offerings.

BlockNine, a blockchain agency working with fully established businesses and brands making a move into blockchain, is a further partner that we are proud to announce. Coinounce and BlockNine work together to deliver more cohesive services to our mutual clients.

Expansion and Rebranding

The majority of Coinounce clients are blockchain projects aiming to run a successful ICO campaign. Whilst we specialise in the localisation of their documents, we are currently working on the expansion to the FinTech industry and corporate world. Offering over 25 languages, we are confident that this is the next step in growing Coinounce.

The world is constantly digitizing, with blockchain being increasingly adopted amongst large corporate firms. These firms need high quality technical translations with the vocabulary used in the industry new to many of them. Coinounce is specifically targeting such corporate firms by offering reliable, accurate and tailored localisation services. With the blockchain industry growing beyond cryptocurrencies, we believe that this is one of our next steps to enhance our company’s expansion. It is for this reason that we have rebranded. Whilst initially focusing solely on cryptocurrency projects, we now position ourselves as a translation agency. Our logo reflects this with our previous logo based on the cryptocurrency market, whilst our new logo has a neutral but technology oriented approach.

Coinounce is always open for partnerships and new projects. If interested, please send an email to contact@coinounce.com. Our website can be found here.