Coin Spotlight: HYDRO

Hydrogen is making decentralization easy for fintech companies

What is HYDRO

HYDRO is a ERC20 token (built on the ethereum blockchain) made for financial service companies in the Web 3.0 ecosystem. Hydrogen has two products for shaping the future of financial services: atom and hydro.

ATOM — Making Fintech Easy

Atom is a suite of API’s built for fintech applications. With atom, fintech companies can be up and running faster than ever before because of the fully functioning API’s. Some solutions for building include multi-factor authentication, client on-boarding, order execution, risk scoring, backtesting and more. These applications are perfect for a robo-advising platform, retirement calculator, or micro saving app.

Hydro — Public Blockchain Benefits for Private Companies

With Hydro, private financial service companies can easily use APIs to gain access to the public Ethereum blockchain. This allows companies to utilize blockchain’s decentralization for security and transparency of transactions. Now existing or new fintech companies do not have to redesign their entire tech infrastructure around a proprietary blockchain — with Hydro they can easily plug into an existing public blockchain. As more and more finance companies seek to adopt blockchain technology, Hydrogen is a perfect service provider.

Ion — Machine Learning Bonus

Built into atom and hydro is an “auto-machine learning” system Hydrogen calls ion. For companies looking to implement deep statistical analysis into their financial systems, ion provides a boost of deep mathematical power to financial service companies.

One of the best things about the entire suite of Hydrogen tools is that the API’s are public and free to get started with. Startups and developers can create working products using Hydrogen’s tools for free. For larger enterprises, there is custom pricing along with additional support for these bigger projects.

Coinplan is very excited to be partnered with Hydrogen because they’ve launched great products, are lead by a great team, and are truly building solutions for a decentralized future. This is something we’re happy to support:

“Our company mission is simple: Create a worldwide ecosystem for better, simpler, fairer, more transparent, and more affordable financial products. Hydrogen will create a new digital economy that will uplift and empower an emergent middle class, bringing fintech to the masses.”
Mike Kane, Co-Founder & CEO

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