Coinplan Security — Explained

High-quality security for high-quality crypto portfolios

Often when I’m taking with someone new to cryptocurrency, they say things like:

“Yea, I totally love the technology and want to get invest in cryptocurrencies, but aren’t there a ton of hacks? I thought bitcoin was supposed to be un-hackable?”

It’s understandable when headlines read like these on the left.

Since cryptocurrency is inherently digital, hackers and bad-actors have targeted exchanges to steal cryptocurrency.

While bitcoin, ethereum, and other cryptocurrency blockchains are un-hackable due to the underlying blockchain technology, centralized exchanges can be at risk for hacks because they hold investors cryptocurrency.

From the very beginning of Coinplan, we set out to make sure we were an impenetrable platform for investing in cryptocurrency portfolios. Here is why your cryptocurrency is safe with us:

  1. We partnered with Wyre, a leading cryptocurrency compliance and payments provider to make sure your crypto stays right where you put it. Wyre encrypts all of your financial information which is then stored on secured servers. Wyre’s been around since 2013 in the crypto space and is proud to say…
We [Wyre] has never lost even a penny of client’s money.

Coinplan 1 — Hackers 0.

2. Coinplan uses a proprietary encryption for all user private keys. This means that if someone tries to hack Coinplan, all they will get is a big spreadsheet of random gibberish.

Coinplan 2— Hackers 0.

3. 95% of cryptocurrency is held in “cold storage”. Cold storage is the ultimate defense against cryptocurrency hackers. If you’re not familiar with cold storage, it means that the cryptocurrency private keys are held offline on secure drives that are also kept in locked vaults. (New-school security + old-school security) This means that hackers can’t even access where your cryptocurrency is stored.

Coinplan 3 — Hackers 0.

As you can see, at Coinplan security is in our DNA. You can sleep easy at night knowing your cryptocurrency is safe with us.