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20 Million Gamers in Latin America Will be Protected by Coinplug’s DID Technology


We are happy to announce the launch of KAYBO KEEPIN, a DID-based app that provides personal authentication and a digital wallet to 20 million gamers in Latin America. is a game publishing platform that provides major game services like PUBG, MU, Point Blank, Special Forces, and Gunz to its 20 million users in 25 Latin American countries, including Mexico, Brazil and Peru. is operated by FHL Games who signed a partnership agreement with Coinplug in December last year.

The main reason for the development of KAYBO KEEPIN is to provide an extra layer of security in a region where cyber attacks have become increasingly common with billions of dollars lost every year. The second reason is to bring financial inclusion to Latin America, a region where nearly half of the population is unbanked and only 113 million people of the total population of 625 million are reported to have credit cards which, in many cases, are only considered for domestic use, leaving them out of the global market.

Jeong Chul, FHL Games CEO, said “Latin America is an area with unlimited potential for blockchain-based services and we are looking forward to adding this technology to our platform to offer a better and safer experience to our users”.

KAYBO KEEPIN is a DID-based app that provides personal authentication and a digital wallet to gamers. The app allows users to easily login without the need of an ID and password by using DID and biometrics technologies. It provides a convenient digital wallet where users can send, buy and receive K-Coins (’s native coin) and cryptocurrencies like ETH, META and LMCH. In addition to this, KAYBO KEEPIN facilitates the process of buying K-Coins and using them in the KAYBO Shop to buy in-game assets. Coinplug is already working to add more functions in the near future.

The launch of KAYBO KEEPIN is important to Coinplug because it will bring its technology to millions of users across Latin America. Ryan Uhr, Coinplug’s CEO, said:

“KAYBO KEEPIN is important to us because it is the first global commercial service created through MYKEEPiN Alliance, Coinplug’s DID-based service partnership. I hope our app can show the advantages of DID technology to millions of users and bring it one step closer to their daily lives.” He added “I think the role of Decentralized Identifiers will grow faster in the post-corona world as the need for non-face-to-face processes increases. DID technology will not only be implemented by companies looking to increase their security and process speed but also by those motivated by the reality of life after COVID-19.”

KAYBO KEEPIN is now available at Google Play Store.

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