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Coinplug and Ubion sign an MOU to revitalize DID-based education platforms


Education plays a vital role in every society. Coinplug has been making constant efforts to integrate its technology into the educational sector and provide all the benefits blockchain offers. On July 5th, Coinplug signed an MOU with EduTech’s flagship company, Ubion, to cooperate in the business of blockchain-based educational certification services.

With this agreement, both companies plan to create various application cases in the education sector through joint research and business development. In particular, Coinplug plans to supply blockchain-based solutions to Ubion, universities, local governments, and public institutions. It also aims to promote cooperation among other “4th industrial technology”-related businesses such as AI.

Coinplug and Ubion signed MOU

Founded in 2000, Ubion provides educational services specialized in various fields, like financial institutions and public enterprises. It has also established learning platforms in 130 domestic and foreign universities, including K12. At the moment, the cumulative number of members benefiting from Ubion services is about 2.46 million.

Union will apply Coinplug’s MYKEEPiN DID certification solution to its education platform system to provide identification cards that can be used in universities, local governments, and institutions.



Coinplug is a global leader in blockchain-based solutions and services focused in payment, asset management, identity and authentication.

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