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Coinplug announces the Coinplug DID Partnership Network: MyKeepin


Coinplug team is happy to announce the official launch of Coinplug DID Partnership Network (CDPN): MyKeepin.

MyKeepin is a program providing consultations and technical support to the businesses who have the intention to integrate DID technology into their business ecosystem. MyKeepin will provide four main services:


Coinplug specialists will review your current business ecosystem and make assessments on how DID solutions can be integrated into your products or services.

Tech support

Coinplug tech team will supply necessary support such as software development kits and DID solutions tailored to your specific needs.

DID education

Coinplug has developed a curriculum to help you build DID applications based on a thorough understanding of the main concepts. We hold seminars to discuss the latest updates in DID technology such as trends, developments and more.


We provide the optimal space to meet people who understand the potential of the DID technology and facilitate communication among the participants.

Why joining MyKeepin?

Coinplug is the number 1 blockchain patent holder in the world, as recently recognized by Harrity&Harrity, a leading American patent firm. We are also highly experienced in developing DID-based products and services.

“We decided to launch MyKeepin to assist all those companies who are interested in integrating DID into their businesses but are not sure how to. Coinplug has the experience and the patents to provide the best services to our partners. We are excited to share our knowledge and bring DID technology into real life applications” said Ryan Uhr, Coinplug CEO.

DID technology

Coinplug provides blockchain-based DID solutions designed to deliver high performance services in the corporate environment based on Metadium blockchain technology. The core of these solutions is META ID, a user authentication and information management system that allows users to have control over personal data, both online and offline, and minimizes unnecessary disclosure of personal information.

If you are looking to integrate DID into your business and want to learn more about MyKeepin, visit our website where you can apply to join the network.


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