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Coinplug is providing blockchain technology consulting with Busan Techno Park


We are happy to inform that Coinplug will provide free blockchain technology consulting to public and private sector organizations along with Busan Techno Park, a governmental organization under Busan City to promote innovation of regional industry. This program is part of the Busan Blockchain Regulation-Free Zone and aims to introduce and provide consulting of the blockchain technology for free to the companies that want to apply the technology and related services.

The consulting services are provided in two parts:

“We believe that companies participating in this program can benefit from the introduction of blockchain with the support of Coinplug, a leading blockchain company” said Nam Byeong-Hyuk, head of the team at Busan Techno Park, who is responsible for the program. “We believe that the companies will benefit from the long-term use of blockchain and the value of entrepreneurship through the application of Decentralized Identity (DID) Authentication technology.”

Coinplug plans to provide long-term support after the completion of the initial consulting program via MYKEEPIN ALLIANCE.

Any agency or company wishing to participate in this consulting program may contact Team Leader Kim Sung-min (



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