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THEPOL’s official launch


We are happy to inform you that an official version of THEPOL, an online Survey/Campaign app based on Metadium, has been released.

THEPOL, an online survey and campaign platform based on Metadium blockchain, launched its beta version in April and conducted over 420 polls and surveys and 24 campaigns during the 8-month beta test period, resulting in a total of over 550,000 poll participants.

We conducted general surveys related to preferences and public awareness, as well as surveys related to domestic and foreign political, social, and cultural issues. We successfully completed the “Poll in Green” campaign, which encourages election participation and environmental protection, in cooperation with the Maeil Business (Korean newspaper company) and Seoul Consumer Citizens’ Association.

With the release of the official version, a donation function using META is added in conjunction with a donation campaign carried out with World Vision.

“THEPOL” service, which is mainly designed to spread the Decentralized Identity (DID) technology of the Metadium blockchain, has the following advantages.

1. A transparent poll

All polls conducted in THEPOL are recorded in the blockchain so that anyone can verify the progress and results. This means that no one can manipulate the process and results of the survey, ensuring it can be trusted.

2. Reduction of cost and time

Other polls or surveys processes are costly and time-consuming because centralized institutions manage their progress. THEPOL replaces the role of a centralized institution, so anyone can conduct a simple survey at the lowest cost.

3. Anonymous user (voter)

THEPOL utilizes Metadium blockchain DID technology to guarantee “voter anonymity”, which the existing online voting has not yet resolved, and to protect users’ personal information by storing it only in the user’s smartphone. This reduces the risk of personal information being leaked.

4. Rewards

THEPOL has built a symbiotic relationship with its members by providing Metadium’s native token (META) to the poll participants as a reward. Unlike existing virtual assets that are less versatile, META can be used as a means of purchasing rewards and mobile vouchers in THEPOL. The META received from THEPOL can be consumed, transmitted, and sold as soon as it is received,

5. Easy to grasp current affairs and news every day

THEPOL selects the hottest issues every day and conducts surveys on them. By taking a simple one-minute survey on THEPOL, users can be informed of current events, entertainment, news, and culture. Since the app provides a comment function, anyone can express their opinion anonymously. It also serves as a tool to exercise direct democracy by evaluating the results of the current government’s performance of state administration through weekly presidential approval rating surveys.



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