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Coinplug participates in the 2021 Blockchain Diffusion Project


Coinplug has received one more project from the Korea Internet and Security Association (KISA). In this occasion, we will be building a blockchain-based donation platform in cooperation with Korpay and Walk Together.

The platform, which is part of the “2021 Blockchain Diffusion Project” pushed by the Ministry of Science & ICT and KISA, aims to improve the imbalance of donations centered on large organizations and implement a transparent donation platform.

The DID-based new donation platform, named GIVE O’CLOCK, will record the collection and settlements of donations, ensure transparency, and provide “donation badges” to reward donors. Coinplug’s identification service, MYKEEPiN, will be used to provide self-certification and login services to donors and welfare workers.

With the GIVE O’CLOCK platform, donors will be able to participate in donations by diverse means of payment including credit card, account transfer, and mobile phone payments. Users can rest assured that the amount donated is paid to the beneficiaries through a designated donation organization because all transactions are stored on the blockchain. Another benefit is that donors can check the donation process in real time, just as if they were checking a food delivery.

The beta version is expected to launch in the second half of 2021, with an official release in the first months of next year.

Coinplug is committed to bring blockchain technology into people’s daily lives.



Coinplug is a global leader in blockchain-based solutions and services focused in payment, asset management, identity and authentication.

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