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Coinplug will develop a blockchain-based maritime crew qualification system


We are happy to inform you that Coinplug will participate in the project called “Sailor Qualification Service using Blockchain-based Distributed Identity Certification”. The service will be launched in the second half of the year through a consortium formed by Coinplug, Edinet, HNFincore, and the Korea Testing & Research Institute.

Coinplug will develop the new platform using DID based on the Metadium Enterprise blockchain. The project aims to improve the issuing process and management of certificates through a mobile non-face-to-face identification. With this, related parties will benefit from better time, cost, efficiency and quality of the service provided.

In addition, boarding history will be provided, greatly enhancing the convenience of managing sailors’ qualifications.

At Coinplug, we want to bring blockchain technology into the lives of different members of the society, and we’ll continue working hard towards that goal.


Team Coinplug



Coinplug is a global leader in blockchain-based solutions and services focused in payment, asset management, identity and authentication.

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