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Coinplug’s CEO recaps last year’s achievements


It’s been seven years since Coinplug was established. During this time we’ve achieved many things while facing some difficulties like the shutdown of CPDAX, our digital asset exchange service. Thanks to our efforts developing DID technology, last year we were able to add many actual services to our history page. Examples of these are THEPOL, MYKEEPiN, and B PASS.

In the middle of a fierce competition produced by the abolition of public certificates, Coinplug has been making visible results with its DID technology: we recently provided blockchain-based mobile employee IDs for KISA, the Korea Internet & Security Agency. In addition, our DID-based non-face-to-face identification service, MYKEEPiN, is being applied in the learning management system operated by Magic eco, an AI education specialist company.

Ryan Uhr, Coinplug’s CEO, stated that the company will base the generation of profits in the previously mentioned achievements. “Our ongoing projects are now ready for commercialization and expansion” said Uhr, adding that “MYKEEPiN app is going to provide DID authentication combined with AI.” This service supports both private and public blockchain technology in order to meet the demand of companies, regardless of their size. Moreover, MYKEEPiN has an open system where Attestation Agencies (AA) certify personal information and Service Providers (SP) can freely participate in the process.


We are also looking forward to further developing the services we launched in the Busan Blockchain Regulation-Free Zone. Last year, we successfully launched B PASS, which provides convenience and safety to Busan citizens by integrating public and private services including the four innovation areas of the Regulation-free Zone: logistics, tourism, public safety and finance. In addition, we also released the Citizen Safety Report: a secure and transparent data sharing platform that promotes the public’s participation in the community’s safety.

“Our services in Busan are ready for expansion into more companies and public services.” said Uhr, “At the end, we are planning to build a data exchange platform by gathering information from the Busan Blockchain Regulation-free Zone and smart city.”

We are working to develop services that give people the opportunity to experience the effects of blockchain, THEPOL is certainly one of them. The use of blockchain technology allows anyone to post surveys or participate in votes with perfect anonymity. Additionally, THEPOL users don’t need to worry about manipulation or false signatures. After 8 months of beta testing, we launched the official version last December and ranked 2nd among popular apps in the lifestyle category within google store.

Our CEO concluded by saying “One of this year’s goals is to introduce THEPOL service to MYKEEPiN Alliance member companies and expand our certificate business through innovative financial services.” He ended his comment saying “Just as we’ve been doing so far, we will continue to pursue services that provide real life convenience with our blockchain technology.”

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