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Coinplug’s service, THEPOL, will help to monitor pledges in the Korean National Elections


With Korean National elections coming this week, Coinplug’s survey app THEPOL and Maeil Business Newspaper are conducting a campaign to keep an eye on the pledges of the candidates participating in the general elections.

First, Coinplug used the THEPOL to conduct a survey with Korean nationals to see their perception and understanding of the upcoming elections. The survey showed that only 30.5% “know” the pledges of the candidates for their constituencies. More than half of the respondents (55.8%) said they were “nearly unaware” and 13.6% were “not interested”. In the same survey, 78% of the respondents said they were “sure to vote.” These numbers allow us to interpret that about 70% of Koreans will vote next week without knowing the candidates’ pledges, despite the importance of the event as it is considered the “big match for general elections” or the “mini presidential election.”

These results prompted Coinplug to use THEPOL to create an awareness campaign among the Korean population since last week. As part of the awareness campaign, THEPOL is using Metadium blockchain technology to register the content of the candidates’ pledges as well as the number of people who have read them.

THEPOL started by confirming the pledges by Lee Nak-yeon, the main candidate of the Democratic Party of Korea, and Hwang Kyo-ahn, the candidate of the Future United Party.

“We prepared a campaign so voters can make conscious decisions based on the candidates’ pledges, instead of the candidates’ political parties in the general elections next week. We also want to contribute to improve the social awareness so that winners can be, somewhat, pressured to fulfill their pledges more faithfully”.

-Aiden Ha, THEPOL Director

With this initiative, Coinplug hopes to increase the interest in the elections and to provide the Korean society with the tools to demand the winning candidate the fulfilment of its duties and, lastly, to set a precedent for future elections.

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