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KISA signs with Coinplug to develop its employee ID system based on the blockchain


We are happy to announce the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA) signed a contract with Coinplug to develop a blockchain-based employee identification system that will be implemented in its multiple branches. Starting late October, the new access system will be established in KISA’s main branch in Naju and by the end of the year it will be introduced in the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Pangyo offices.

KISA expressed at the beginning of September that it was planning to implement the technology but it wasn’t until the 24th that it officially signed the contract with Coinplug. Among the different companies that applied for the project, KISA chose Coinplug due to its multiple successfully deployed services, its track record with other government-backed projects and the number of blockchain patents the company owns.

The new system will use DID technology and QR codes which will provide a contactless experience, a necessary feature in the current COVID-19 situation. Another advantage of DID is that it can eliminate the risk of loss and theft of the existing plastic identification method by storing information of issuance and access into the blockchain and encrypting users’ personal information in their smartphone.

The new ID service will also be used as a means for book loans and small payments in KISA’s cafeterias. Coinplug and KISA expect that starting next year, the service will provide additional functions like general payments and online login, which will increase the convenience of government employees who enter the facility.



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