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MetaPass Gets The First Grade of GS Certification


Today we are celebrating that another Coinplug solution received a First Grade GS Certification from the Korean Telecommunications Technology Association (TTA).

MetaPass, Coinplug’s DID-based mobile employee ID and access management solution, has acquired the first grade of the GS Certification. This guarantees the good quality of the software according to national and international standards (ISO/IEC 9126, 25041, and 25051). In addition, MetaPass was designated as an “Innovative Product” by the Public Procurement Service in early June, proving the excellency of the product.

MetaPass technology is protected with over 20 blockchain patents owned by Coinplug.

MetaPass benefits

With MetaPass, companies and institutions can manage their employees’ personal information in a safe manner. Our solution applies DID technology to store the information necessary for issuing and verifying credentials in an encrypted way. MetaPass supports Near Field Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) functions as well as QR code methods, enabling the implementation of contactless mobile employee cards and eliminating the need for the traditional plastic cards.

Since last year, MetaPass has been used by the Korea Internet and Security Association (KISA), becoming the first DID-based service implemented in a Korean public institution. Additionally, our solution is also being used by Busan’s CENTAP.

MetaPass SaaS

MetaPass is currently provided as a built-in service but will be launched as SaaS (software as a service) in July.

“We have completed the development of SaaS-type solutions so that companies and institutions can introduce mobile employee identification and access management solutions without much burden” said MetaPass Director.



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