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MYKEEPiN Alliance surpasses 100 member companies and demonstrates DID stability and innovation


Coinplug announced today that MYKEEPiN Alliance has reached 108 member companies. With this achievement, the company continues to expand the use of Decentralized Identifier (DID) technology into different sectors.

MYKEEPiN Alliance is a DID-based service partnership program launched in April 2020 with the purpose of focusing on business model development and commercialization. The Alliance is designed to help corporations, institutions and other organizations to achieve a business model that implements DID.

What differentiates MYKEEPiN Alliance from other DID alliances in Korea is that it has provided real-life services that are already up and running, demonstrating MYKEEPiN’s stability and innovation. In September 2020, we launched a MYKEEPiN-based entrance and authentication service for unstaffed convenience stores. This service was the result of a collaboration between Coinplug, HP Retail (an unmanned convenience store chain) and CUBOX (a biometrics and access security company).

MYKEEPiN has been used for authentication and access to events like the and the , which was organized by Gyeonggi-do Province in the frame of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In December 2020, MYKEEPiN was designated as an innovative financial service for the Korean Financial Services Commission to provide a more convenient, fast and secure experience to users.

MYKEEPiN Alliance is also providing authentication services that combine blockchain and AI-based facial recognition technologies in the education sector with a learning management system operated by Magic Eco (an AI education specialist) and the VR online education platform operated by Class V.

Other member companies include Hanwha System and LG Uplus, Shinhan Bank and Busan Bank in the financial sector, Financial News and Cine 21 in the media content sector, and Magic Eco, Baekseok University, Gachon University and Dongkuk University in the education sector.

said Munk Seo, director of operations at MYKEEPiN Alliance.

Among the benefits that attract companies to join MYKEEPiN Alliance are the access to the 327 blockchain patents Coinplug holds, networking among domestic and international member companies, blockchain technology consulting and DID business development, as well as Coinplug’s experience in the field gained in the seven years since its founding.



Coinplug is a global leader in blockchain-based solutions and services focused in payment, asset management, identity and authentication.

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