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Uupfi: new brokerage service by Coinplug and Blockwater


We are happy to share the news of an upcoming service: Uupfi.

This prime brokerage service will be launched in collaboration with Blockwater, an investment company that focuses on blockchain-enabled projects.

Uupfi is a comprehensive financial platform that allows digital asset deposits, loans and exchange transactions, as well as providing digital asset mortgage services. It is a new alternative financial service that makes it more convenient to borrow and redeem at lower interest rates, regardless of the user’s credit. Compared to traditional banks, Uupfi offers up to 50% higher revenue and different product configurations depending on the user’s investment propensity.

Uupfi’s antecedent was , an institutional asset management service that was renamed after Blockwater acquired it. Now, with Coinplug and Blockwater’s Joint Venture, the service is being upgraded and revamped as Uupfi.

Coinplug and Blockwater are looking into the future of Uupfi and plan to expand the brokerage business through DeFi services and collaboration with traditional financial sectors.



Coinplug is a global leader in blockchain-based solutions and services focused in payment, asset management, identity and authentication.

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