Twitter Scam: Elon Musk is not giving you free ETH, one tweet has collected 155 ETH and counting

This is some next level social engineering

Imagine this: you’re reading Elon’s twitter feed and you see a message that he is going to give away 5,000 ETH as part of a commemorative event. You see plenty of hearts and retweets, the tweets below say they have gotten free ETH, this is amazing!

Why not, after all? Elon has plenty of money, maybe he is just doing it for lolz? The industrial age millionaires used to shower common-folk with cash from their balconies from time to time.

Clicking through on the link you see:

seems legit

However, this is not the only give away. There’s another for 10,000 ETH!

Note that the account name is @elohmmusk, not @elonmusk.

38 ETH and counting

Note that this account name is @elonmmusk, not @elonmusk.

155 ETH and counting

Thankfully, Twitter has been quick to shut the accounts down.

Twitter could do it faster using image processing to compare the image of new accounts against the image of verified Twitter accounts.


If you’re getting into crypto, always be skeptical. Especially when there are promises of free or easy money.

Trust no one and verify everything.

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