De-centralised Exchanges Are The Real Nasdaq.

Gab: What did you say in the blog, what did you talk about?

Oleg: I talked about how trading is the killer application of Blockchain. A lot of people are dismissive of it. Everyone is asking ‘what is the Blockchain killer app?’ but trading right now is already the Blockchain killer app and then I go on to explain a couple of reasons why it is a game changer and why it is a good thing. For example, the fact that people can trade cryptocurrency it gives a lot of people the opportunity to be part of a financial system that they were not part of before, a good example being Millennials. Millennials do not buy equities, our generation, do you buy stocks do you have any equities?

Gab: Yeah, but it is difficult to access: you need to go to a bank, open a deposit account, have an agreement with your broker or company — in a nutshell, a nightmare. Some startups are tackling that problem, think of Nutmeg, Moneybox, and Moneyfarm.

Oleg: Yeah exactly, it is a mess, but think about it for a moment, our parents’ generation has made a lot of money from investing in markets. Our generation does not invest in those markets at all and we are actually a very financially disadvantaged generation.

Gab: It is also because during the digital revolution, and the first ‘.com’ bubble, we just never really had a proper non-analog market where to trade. So, the Nasdaq was that, based on the previous stock exchange but now the Blockchain technology and the decentralised exchange platforms are the real Nasdaq because of the ICO mechanisms and the smart contracts imbedded in it.

Oleg: Yeah exactly, you should check out my post, it’s a topic that really fascinates me.

Gab: Yeah I mean, I am all about giving normal people, the tools that have previously only been available for big banks and corporations, that’s what we did with Paylinko and that’s what we are doing now with Coinrule. Our vision is inverting the system, in favour of a bottom up approach. Power to the people, without sounding too idealistic.

Oleg: Speaking of turning the system upside down, the waves are backing down a little, shall we go for a swim?

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