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10 Motives To Be A Part Of Bitcoin In 2020

  1. Bitcoin is not subject to like fiat in terms of inflation and devaluation, as with bitcoin only a certain amount of a number of coins can be issued making it finite and eliminating the problems that are usually faced by fiat. Also, the bitcoin mining reward is halved every 4 years making it not vulnerable like fiat while the inflation rate decreases with time. For instance, May 2020 Bitcoin halving consisted of drop-in inflation rate which was pre-calculated to 1.8%.
  2. Bitcoin is decentralized meaning it is not controlled by any person, entity or body including government. Bitcoin mining is difficult and the supply is limited and finite leading to an increase in the value. Also since it does not subject to inflation leads it playing no part in depreciates resulting to store of value.
  3. Bitcoin is now treated as a good approach for investment as it is gaining recognition in the market — a new asset class. Companies such as Bakkt facilitates institutional investing in Bitcoin, also cryptocurrencies have been accepted as a part of fund portfolios.
  4. Bitcoin is not affected by any other markets such as the stock market and consist of better risk management factor and diversified portfolio.
  5. As bitcoin is decentralized so unlike fiat currency it cannot be seized or be frozen by the bank or the government. Instead, the user has the bitcoin wallet and its keys, giving complete control and access of their money to the user.



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