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6 Best Crypto Launchpads In 2021

As a Crypto investor, you might’ve noticed when a project gains a lot of traction it’s always added to a Crypto aggregator’s list which is difficult to find and identify projects when they’re still in their early stages. If in case you miss out on those projects you’ll be missing out on a lot of money as well. Now, there is a solution for this, you may call it a website or an aggregator that goes by the name “Crypto Launchpads”. This aggregator helps you find early-stage Crypto initiatives like Crypto companies and participate in their presale rounds before they go mainstream, so consider these services to be the Cryptocurrency equivalent of ‘AngelList’. Crypto launchpads have gotten a lot of attention recently and They also have a vetting mechanism in place to prevent frauds and rug-pulls so you may invest freely without fear of losing your hard-earned money.

In just a few years Crypto investors’ options have vastly improved, as many initial coin offers (ICOs) have cast doubt on the common investors’ ability to gain early access to Crypto initiatives. Thus, as an outcome of this many smaller Crypto initiatives/companies found it impossible to obtain financing securely. After the introduction of the Crypto launched model, all of that has altered. For token launches both investors and projects are now opting for a token launchpad project or a Crypto incubator. This not only benefits the project by allowing it to reach production sooner but also allows anyone to get early access to token launches without having to invest big sums of money. — isn’t that fascinating?!

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Every company has different strategies for raising funds in Crypto projects and each time it’s evolving. As institutional acceptance and Crypto education help to legitimize the industry some of the new Crypto initiatives are turning into a Crypto launchpad to collect funds. In comparison to other previous initial coin offerings (ICO) methods, this provides a much safer platform for these early investors. Furthermore, Crypto launchpad initiatives aid in the development of a project’s community. These communities frequently intersect resulting in a network effect. Crypto launchpads are a mechanism for brand new projects to get funds while also giving investors early access to token sales. This eventually results in tokens being purchased at a lower cost before they hit the market.

To protect investors. Many Crypto launched programs operate as a verification process for the new companies. Furthermore, as with large exchange listings in the past, Crypto launchpads are lowering the barrier to entry into the market by hefty fees.

The simple reality about investing in Crypto ventures is that if you can get in on the first sector of the most promising businesses then you’ll make a lot of money. Whereas, finding the correct projects when they are still in their phase might be difficult. Thus, investing in interesting start-ups before their coins are exposed to the public is made easier with the help of Crypto launchpads.

Here’s a list of some best launchpads in the Crypto world:

1. Binance Launchpad:

Binance itself is very popular in this Crypto Industry. Thus, its launchpad is widely regarded as the first successful Crypto launchpad which has generated millions of dollars for future and promising companies including BitTorrent, Injective Protocol, and PancakeSwap all thanks to its track record of successful enterprises. Because the platform makes their IEO tokens available to the 13 million active users on the Binance exchange, projects powered by the Binance Launchpads have witnessed a substantial increase in their numbers, reach, and success as well. Binance Launchpad is more than simply a place to list tokens for sale; it also acts as a consulting service for prospective businesses. Binance’s experience and insights assist to streamline, motivate and guide emerging Crypto projects, ensuring that projects have access to the greatest mentorship and marketing services possible allowing them to focus on the project’s most important developmental and technological components.

Binance Launchpad is part of a centralized exchange (CEX) Binance’s ecosystem of services for Crypto projects. Everything from early-stage advising and fundraising to marketing and organizing token issuance events is included in their service. In 2017, Binance introduced an initial exchange offering (IEO) which was an upgraded version of the previously popular initial coin offering (ICO0. This model on the other hand has several significant enhancements that significantly reduce the risk for investors. During the application process, all projects must undergo a thorough team and project background check. Binance also looks for a project that is at a somewhat advanced state of development as well as has crucial fundamentals for long-term growth. In addition, the success of Binance Launchpad has resulted in significant growth in the native Binance Coin’s price (BNB). BNB has a market cap of $19 million and a circulating supply of 147.8 million out of 179.8 million at the time of writing and BNB is currently trading at around $130, according to CoinGecko after firmly solidifying its spot in the top 10 largest Cryptos in recent days.

2. The Qube Launchpad :

The Qube Launchpad is a crowding platform for distributed applications known as DApps. Its internal features can be used by users to perform initial DEX offers a.k.a. IDO for their projects. Crypto enthusiasts and investors may also look for prospective investment initiatives and be among the first to participate in them. Early investors have found it challenging to get on whitelists due to a lack of high-quality Crypto launchpads. The Qube launchpad attempts to address this issue by providing simplified entry and fair selection options. Thus, the company also intends to launch on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Polygon, Avalanche, and other Blockchains as well. They’re also planning on holding a token sale with a guaranteed allocation in launchpad projects as a bonus.

3. Lemonade :

Lemonade is one of 2021’s most anticipated DeFi token launchpads and the plus point is that the Jigstack DAO is in charge of it. The Jigstack ecosystem’s native token is STAK, so Lemonade and other Jigstack protocols are managed with it. Lemonade features help to make it simple for Cryptocurrency projects to launch token sales in minutes. It’s for project issues where they don’t want to deal with technological issues while holding a crowd sale at the same time. It ensures a seamless user experience by providing permissionless, hands-free automation and a customized sales structure. Lemonade has revealed V2 (version 2) of its platform, which gives token issuers full control over the specification of their IDOs. On the launchpad, lemonade hosted the sale of Jigstack’s own STAK coin. It has also been announced that the platform will host both private and public DePo sales. In the decentralized finance ecosystem, DePo is the first multi-market aggregator.

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4. Polkastarter :

If you’ve heard about Polkadot then well and good because Polkastarter is based on Polkadot which debuted in December 2020. Which is unquestionably one of the most recent entries to the list. Given that it has already attracted over 200,000 eager investors and the platform itself has a lot of potential. Polkastarter’s work is to make it simple for Cryptocurrency projects to create their own decentralized and interoperable token pools. It also provides investors with a risk-free alternative to access new coins. Ethernity, Blockchain Cuties, and Convergence are some of the successful IDOs which Polkastarter has held. POLS is the native utility token of the platform and in this platform, anyone with at least 3,000 POLS can engage in IDOs. Public purchases are also open for non-POLS holders. The vetting and listing processes are not under Polkastarter’s control. It is the responsibility of the communities that launch the pools, so that means the companies with strong communities will be able to seek coins without relying on the vetting process. The price of a token might be either fixed or dynamic.

Polkastarter has been one of the most popular Cryptocurrency trends in recent months. Polkastarter’s track record stands out the most among the different accessible Crypto launchpads. ExeedMe, Fire Protocol, and MahaDao are a few examples of successful Polkastarter projects. It also gave rise to PAID Network which is a Crypto launchpad. Many token launches on Polkastater have previously sold out in record speed within 10 seconds. It has had the best success in terms of investment returns to date. Return rates vary, so doing your research homework and doing your due diligence before investing in a new enterprise is critical. The POLS token has a circulating supply of 56.2 million tokens out of a total supply of 100 million. It currently has a market cap of roughly $145 million and is trading at $2.56.

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5. Thorstarter :

As you know Marvel teamed up with Crypto space to sell NFTs, but just to clear up the air, Thorstarter is not related to Marvel but it is inspired by Thor’s movie and has adapted the names. Thorstarter is a decentralized launchpad that provides long-tail Crypto assets with cross-chain liquidity which ensures a fair and transparent fundraising process. Thorstarter provides early-stage Crypto companies with liquidity rewards and assists them in launching via IDOs. The projects can then exchange the assets pooled by THORChain for their tokens. Rather than using synthetic assets investors can get liquidity from other Blockchains. Thorstarter’s XRUNE token like RUNE is a hyperliquid settlement currency. To ease cross-chain switching utilizing the native RUNE-XRUNE on THORChain, XRUNE is always coupled with another asset.

Thorstarter approved that the projects will have to go through a grant process overseen by a community DAO. The award must be signed by the Asgardian Council which consists of nine members. Thorstarter’s new projects leverage the company’s xIDO model which gives projects more flexibility. They can select from a variety of launch models and optimize for a token distribution that is appropriate for their project and community. Dynamic Price Action, Pool Share, Fixed Price Crowdsale, Limited Supply vs Elastic Supply, Open vs Gated Tiers, and Minimum Purchase Vs Max Purchase are the launch techniques available.

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6. YFDAI Launchpad :

The YFDAI Launchpad which is yet to open soon is now accepting proposals for new projects that want to launch through YFDAI’s token launchpad. YF-DAI tokens worth $50,000 have been put aside by the initiative to be donated to potential upcoming projects. To minimize exit scams or rug pulls, YFDAI has created a thorough vetting process for Crypto launchpad applicants. Before hitting the launchpad phase, the projects should become certified if they are successful. Through YFDAI’s Launchpad Crypto incubator program the probability of such events is greatly reduced. YFDAI assists with fundraising marketing and other services. YFDAI can help projects with token locks and smart contract auditing as an art of the incubation process eliminating token sell-offs right after launch. This is accomplished through a variety of project collaborations such as the Ferrum Network for technical development and The Foundry Incubator for consulting services.

All project candidates must also follow YFDAI’s know your customer (KYC) procedures. Anonymous teams and developers are common in decentralized initiatives. This establishes a level of blind trust that the team won’t rug-pull liquidity funds from Uniswap and let the new token’s value collapse to zero.

All YFDAI Launchpad applicants will be held accountable for the success of their ideas. In addition, all YFDAI launchpad projects will be offered first on SafeSwap, and YFDAI’s native exchange. YF-DAI is presently trading at $4,188 with market size of roughly $16.8 million. The maximum supply of YF-DAI has been set at 21,000 although this will be dramatically reduced all thanks to the project’s burning protocol. Approximately 4,000 are now in circulation.

Disclaimer: The author’s thoughts and comments are solely for educational reasons and informative purposes only. They do not represent financial, investment, or other advice.




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Coinscapture is the best, real-time, high-quality cryptocurrency market data provider, by listing 2000+ cryptocurrency globally.

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