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6 Steps To Kick-Off A Cryptocurrency Podcast

  1. Know Your Niche — Before you could make an outline or have a strategy, the key starter is to find your niche. It’s about knowing whether you are going to do a series on explaining cryptocurrency or its underlying blockchain technology, the history of cryptocurrency, its market, pros and cons, the current financial environment revolving cryptocurrency and so forth. It is about to know the topic that you are going to talk about. This topic has to be your central sun in the solar system of cryptocurrency. There are many crypto-related podcast out there, so differentiating yourself is the key.
  2. Surrounding Topics — Do you have a strategy? There are tons of crypto-related topics out there — so the competition is high and you need to have a USP Unique Selling Proposition.
    Are you going to just talk about the topic or host an interview too? If interview, then what potential guest you might interview? What audience are you planning to target? What is going to be your style — will it be informative to the point and in-depth, or added humour and easy.



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