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8 Best Ethereum Staking Platforms For 2021

Cryptocurrency Staking has become one of the best ways to earn “interest income” on digital asset holdings. Staking is the process of “locking up” a digital asset by “staking” it to safeguard a Blockchain network in the Cryptocurrency industry. Participants that stake their coins earn a portion of the block reward in the form of newly minted coins in exchange for helping to secure the network. A Proof-of-Stake (POS) consensus mechanism is required in staking. To reach distributed consensus, Proof-of-Stake requires network participants to stake the network’s native asset. Then, the block rewards are given using a combination of random selection and the stake size that is provided.

Except for its predecessor, the Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus algorithm, which was publicized by Bitcoin, PoS does not require machines to solve a puzzle by performing energy-intensive calculations. As a result, PoS is seen as a more eco-friendly alternative, and many see it as the consensus protocol of the future.

The Ethereum network is currently the world’s second valuable decentralized Blockchain system. ETH is one of the most sought-after digital currencies in the world with its utility token Ether (ETH) serving as the de facto currency for the fast-growing decentralized finance (Defi) and non-fungible token (NFT) sub-sector. Staking has exploded in popularity in recent months, and ETH’s expanding use case has prompted multiple investors to jump into the currency. Crypto staking, which was created to secure a Blockchain network, has taken off and more investors are looking for sites where they may stake ETH.

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What is Ethereum Staking and How does it work?

The Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism secures the Ethereum 2.0 network allowing stakers (“validators”) to run nodes on the network and validate transactions conducted by end-users. They must, however, deposit 32 Ether per node to become validators. This criterion guarantees that validators have enough “skin in the game” to be effective. They are rewarded in the Ether if they behave as promised and only validate legal transactions. On the other hand, if they don’t behave as expected or cheat, a portion of their deposit may be taken away (slashing).

How Much Can Be Earned By ETH Staking?

Staking Ethereum will earn an APY that varies according to the number of participants and the amount of ETH staked as well as the staking platform and method employed. The rewards given are dynamically calculated based on the state of the network upon epoch completion. The total amount of ETH staked and the average percentage of validator uptime are used to calculate network-level reward rates.

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On exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, and Kraken current Ethereum staking rewards run between 4–20 percent, according to what they advertise at the time of writing though it’s worth noting that the higher interest rates went to newcomers and interest rates are presently on the lower end of the scale. Those who run their validators or use staking pools might expect an annual percentage yield of 4–10 percent.

There are basically two types of staking platforms, Centralized and Decentralized.

1. Centralized Staking Platforms:

Centralized staking platforms like the centralized Crypto exchanges are the most used platforms. The reason for this is the platform’s large existing user base and the simple staking process. These platforms have node operators that stake users’ funds on their behalf. Node operators collect staking incentives, and the exchange distributes them to users after deducting their commission.


  • Platforms Are Easy To Use
  • Minimum Deposit Requirements.


  • These Platforms Are In Charge Of The Funds Of Their Users.
  • In Comparison To Decentralized Platforms, Service Fees Are Often Greater.
  • If A Network Node Operator Disobeys, The Network Will Apply Severe Fines On The Operator Which Will Be Passed On To The Users Who Have Bet Their Assets.

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2. Decentralized Staking Platforms:

Smart-Contract-based Decentralized Applications (DApps) with no centralized authority are known as decentralized staking platforms. These sites were created primarily to provide users with staking services. These platforms are non-custodial, allowing you to stake your Crypto assets more securely. Furthermore, these platforms are regulated and maintained via an in-house governance token by Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO).


  • These Are Non-Custodial Platforms; This Means That The User Has Complete Control Over Their Money.
  • Low Service Costs Are Charged By These Sites.
  • Crypto Has No Or Very Low Minimum Deposit Requirements. Thus, Even Small Investors Can Put Their Money On The Line.
  • On The Network, There Is No Need To Run A Node.
  • Hardware Wallets Can Be Used With These Systems To Improve Transaction Security.


  • In Comparison To A Centralized Platform, These Platforms Are Not Very User-Friendly.
  • Since These Platforms Are Smart-Contract-Based, A Smart-Contract Hack Could Result In Customers Losing Their Funds.
  • If A Network Node Operator Disobeys, The Network Will Apply Severe Fines On The Operator, Which Will Be Passed On To The Users Who Have Bet Their Assets.

Here are a few of the finest Ethereum Staking platforms:

1. eToro — One of the Best Ethereum Staking Platforms:

eToro, a social trading platform with over 20 million users is a popular option. eToro started as a stock trading program and it’s rapidly growing and expanding into the Crypto space. It supports both major and small-cap Cryptocurrencies; in addition to more traditional investment vehicles such as commodities, stock equities, bonds, CFDs, and ETFs. eToro recently launched eToro Staking, a staking-as-a-service solution. Only three Cryptocurrencies are now supported by eToro which allows you to lock your ETH tokens for some time while also paying you with more ETH tokens as compensation for helping to secure the Ethereum network. According to Staking Rewards, Ethereum 2.0 staking is the third most staked network with over $26 billion in total value locked (TVL). This is owing to the network’s intention to switch to the proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus method in the coming months.

To further serve its global consumers, eToro staking offers rewards ranging from 75% to 90% of the platform’s monthly ETH yields. This reward % is determined by a user’s membership choice on the tier system. eToro also promises a possible earnings ratio of 5 to 6.25 percent making it one of the top Ethereum staking sites


  • EToro Manages All The Technicalities Of Staking.
  • Offers High-Yield Return On ETH Stake.
  • A Safe And Secure Platform.


  • Staking Is Available On A Limited Number Of Crypto Assets.

2. Binance:

Binance has swiftly positioned itself as the leading Crypto exchange in the world; It is the largest Crypto-focused exchange in the world with a daily transaction volume of at least $50 billion on its Bitcoin exchange.

It also offers staking services in addition to exchange services. Binance Earn function allows users to stake ETH tokens. You will obtain a 1:1 ratio BETH derivative token when you stake your ETH tokens on Binance. The ETH tokens staked on the network are represented by BETH. BETH can also be traded on Binance like any other Crypto coin.

The more ETH you invest in Binance pools the lower the APY you will receive, and vice versa. Binance, on the other hand, claims to be low-risk implying that you have a good chance of collecting your ETH payouts. Because of Binance’s popularity, ETH staking is a bit difficult to come by, as many investors are waiting to stake their ETH. After staking your ETH for a day you will receive your rewards. The customers receive 100% of all on-chain rewards when they use Binance. You can also try Binance savings trail fund.


  • To Stake, There Is A Large Pool Of Crypto Assets.
  • A Popular Destination For Crypto Staking.
  • Holding Time Is Short.


  • Staking Is Done On A First-Come-First-Serve Basis.

3. Coinbase:

Coinbase was founded in 2012 by current CEO Brian Armstrong to enable worldwide Crypto adoption. With its highly intuitive and user-friendly interface, Coinbase is a prominent destination for US investors looking for exposure to Cryptocurrencies. It allows the purchase and sale of a wide range of digital assets, as well as custodial services for institutional clients interested in owning virtual currencies. Aside from these features, Coinbase allows customers to earn money simply by staking their digital tokens like ETH, ATOM, XTZ, DAI, USDC, and ALGO. ETH users receive a guaranteed flat annual percentage rate (APR) of 5%.


  • User-Friendly
  • It Is Safe Because It Is Publicly Listed.


  • Hefty Commission
  • For Staking, There Is A Limited Crypto Range.

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4. Kraken:

Kraken is the fourth-largest Cryptocurrency exchange in the world with a 24-hour trading volume of $1 billion. Despite being situated in the United States, Kraken focuses mostly on the European market, promoting Crypto adoption in the traditionally laid-back region. Kraken also offers staking services for Cryptocurrencies including Ethereum. After commission which is changeable, staking payouts are set at 5 to 7% per year. Every two weeks you will receive a payout which will be available in your spot wallet. After you stake your ETH token, Kraken will issue you an ETH 2 derivative token which will cover your investment 1:1.

You can also use the exchange to swap your fresh ETH. Kraken provides an appealing Crypto staking spectrum with major additions such as Polkadot and Kusama providing a 12 percent annual percentage yield. You may earn on your Euro Stablecoin. Because of its enormous library, the exchange is one of the top Ethereum staking venues for earning passive income.


  • An Easy-To-Use Platform
  • High-Yielding
  • Staking Pool With A Large Number Of Crypto Assets


  • Commission-Based

5. OKEx:

OKEx is a well-known Cryptocurrency exchange and broker with more than 20 million customers. Those looking to trade digital currencies frequently use the platform and Ethereum may be staked with simplicity. Those who already hold another Cryptocurrency can easily convert it to Ethereum and begin staking on OKEx. If you choose this option you will not be required to disclose any personal information or contact information to OKEx and will be able to stay anonymous. This also helps you avoid having to go through the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) procedure. All OKEx users can simply engage in ETH 2.0 staking with OKEx Earn. This allows ETH holders to generate a steady stream of passive ETH income which is currently estimated at 14.10 percent APY.


  • There Are Almost 400 Different Digital Currency Pairs
  • You Can Buy And Trade Cryptos Using A Debit/Credit Card Or A Bank Transfer
  • Low Commissions Beginning From 0.1 Percent
  • A Full-Featured Mobile App Is Available On Android And IOS
  • Excellent Reputation And High Levels Of Security


  • Fees For Debit And Credit Cards May Be More Competitive
  • Beginners Should Avoid Derivative Items Since They Are Too Complicated.

6. Poloniex

Poloniex, a Cryptocurrency exchange situated in San Francisco which was founded in 2014, has established itself as one of the world’s largest Bitcoin exchanges ranking sixteenth. It has a 7.3 trust score and a24-hour trading volume of over $150 million. Poloniex, along with several other exchanges provides Crypto investors with a simple way to invest in Cryptocurrencies while collecting benefits. Poloniex accepts a limited variety of digital assets for staking rewards according to its website including TRX, BTT, and WIN. The fact that there are no lock-up periods while staking ETH on Poloniex is an added benefit. This means you can keep trading with your ETH while earning money.


  • No Commission Charged
  • Staking Payouts Are High


  • It Only Supports 3 Cryptos For Staking.

7. Rocketpool:

Rocketpool is a decentralized staking platform. The platform’s testnet went live on August 2, 2021, and the mainnet is expected to launch soon. Rocketpool offers ETH stakers a derivative token called rETH. As a service fee, the platform would deduct 10.76 percent from staking rewards. The platform is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that is administered and governed by RPL, the platform’s token.

8. Ankr:

Another staking option for investors is Ankr. They assert that they provide the “greatest user experience and the highest level of security”. They also promise to offer some of the most attractive incentive programs. Ankr requires a minimum investment of 0.5 ETH which is extremely hefty for a staking pool. They handle all of the distribution; all you have to do is pay your funds. They can also be moved around without needing to wait for ETH 2.0 transactions to become available. Ankr provides members with a yearly return on their ETH of a little over 5% which isn’t as high as some other pools, but when combined with the price rise of ETH it can imply a significant return on your investment. UniSwap, SushiSwap, MetaMask, OnX, TrustWallet are amongst many other major Cryptocurrency platforms that support Ankr’s staking token aETHc.

Disclaimer: The author’s thoughts and comments are solely for educational reasons and informative purposes only. They do not represent financial, investment, or other advice.




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Coinscapture is the best, real-time, high-quality cryptocurrency market data provider, by listing 2000+ cryptocurrency globally.

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