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Top 7 Brands Exploring The Metaverse

By now, you’ve probably heard about the Metaverse. it’s tough to ignore the fact that over 10,000 stories in the previous 30 days have mentioned metaverse, along with the companies like Facebook, Epic Games/Fortnite, Roblox, Snap, NVIDIA, and Unity all in on the action. The metaverse was already a contender for the top catchphrase in 2021 when Facebook said it would change the corporate name to Meta to reflect a greater focus on the metaverse, and from there, things got a little crazier diving into a whole new level.

Because technological advancements in hardware, software, and connectivity are helping to create more believable human interactions and highly immersive experiences than ever before, Facebook’s rebrand is yet another signal that brands must move quickly to capitalize on the opportunity within the metaverse. This, along with the pandemic’s behavioural shifts and increased reliance on the digital infrastructure in our everyday lives, opens up a world of opportunities for companies. Many companies, however, are unsure what they can do right now to start small and incorporate the metaverse into their marketing strategies.

Metaverse is the next phase of virtual world connectivity, we’ve gone from televisions to computers to smartphones, and now, the metaverse is next in the chain. It’s a significant shift in the way we connect, trade, and coexist with one another. The borders will no longer be relevant. There is no need to travel for 15 hours to reach a destination, but rather teleport there instantly. Whether it takes ten or twenty years, the full integration of the metaverse will usher in a period when our digital lives are as valued (if not more precious) than our physical ones. Many metaverse and metaworlds will exist for various aspects of our existence. For example, we may anticipate seeing a retail metaverse- here we will be able to visit many metaworlds inside that verse. Every industry, including entertainment, fitness, and business, will experience the same thing. Moving between multiple metaverses will be the norm in the metaverse, which will be a global digital economy.

Thus, the metaverse is beginning to capture the interest of both the technology community and, perhaps more important, venture capitalists, all thanks to sponsors like Facebook, Microsoft, and several of the world’s major game platforms. Companies like ABB are already experimenting with metaverse marketing options like virtual horse racing with labelled NFTs. On the other hand, Epic Games recently aired a virtual concert featuring Ariana Grande on its Fortnite channel, while Hyundai showcased future mobility on Roblox.

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The brands listed below are using unique and very inventive methods to engage with their customers. These businesses demonstrate how marketing can be fun and engaging by being the first to the metaverse.

1. Coca-Cola — Placing NFTs up for Auction/ party at Decentraland

Coca-Cola introduced an NFT collection on July 30th, 2021, which sold for $575,000 in an online auction during a unique On The Roof Party on International Friendship day. A large can of cola was provided by the corporation and a DJ party was held. Coca-Cola auctioned four multi-sensory, friendship-inspired NFTs through the OpenSea marketplace. It was sold as a single loot box, a reference to the popular video game feature of sealed mystery boxes. In other words, the customer received four NFTs in total: one with the “Friendship Box” and three with rewards inside. Not only did the winner receive these four NFTs, but they also received a literal refrigerator filled with Coca-Cola bottles and other goodies such as a Signature bubble jacket which can be worn in Decentraland and a friendship card inspired by Coca-Cola’s collection of cards from the 1940s.

Visitors saw the Coca-Cola Friendship Box for the first time at the event. They also took part in a raffle of rare NFT Coca-Cola T-shirts for Decentraland player avatars.

The company used the strength of its brand to propel its collection ahead and earn more than $500.000 for charity in only 72 hours. Moving into the NFT and metaverse, according to Oana Vlad, Sr Director Coca-Cola Global Strategy, is well-positioned to give customers “the same iconic and positive experiences they’re used to in real life in the digital world”. The NFT auction generated a lot of interest in the Crypto community, and it represented Coca-Cola as an innovative company brand that knows exactly where its customers are.

2. Netflix:

The creators of the Roblox gaming platform have teamed up with Netflix to create a Stranger Things-themed game. You can visit the Hawkins shopping centre and some other locations from the world of the series’ settings. Roblox had already hosted a modest event based on the series. Players were given several objectives to perform in order to obtain virtual limited edition products. It’s now a full-fledged game set in Starcourt Mall, a shopping mall. There are four game modes in total: single-player Hi-Score Slingshot and Delivery Dash, as well as multiplayer Dueling Dice and Hawkins Lab Escape.

Dueling Dice is a dice game for two people (you can also play against artificial intelligence). Hawkins Lab Escape is also an asymmetric multiplayer game, putting a group of five players against a single player. When new content for the series is released, this place will extend the game’s possibilities.

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3. Balenciaga:

Rather than being an NFT collection, the Balenciaga x Fortnite collaboration was a venture into the interactive game that is Fortnite. Limited-edition drops of internet networks and digital clothing are offered there, enhancing the value of highly sought-after things. Kim Kardashian wore an all-black Balenciaga outfit to the Met Gala on September 13th, 2021. Her costume sparked a lot of discussions online, even among Fortnite players. Some members of the community saw a striking resemblance between her outfit and the trapped characters in the video game. Balenciaga confirmed the rumours by announcing a collaboration with Epic Games, the games creator, to bring the fashion house’s unique clothes and gear to the game.

The attire is inspired by Balenciaga’s classic collections: the new Balenciaga Fit set of garments for fortnight gamers includes new >

The Balenciaga retail shops that emerge in Fortnite, exhibiting the virtual community’s clothes on billboards, mash up the players’ self-expression with unexpected components and are at the heart of the campaign. Both companies also introduced a limited-edition physical clothing collaboration which is only available at select Balenciaga locations and on the official website ( The new range which included caps, shirts, hoodies, and more was released on September 20th and was inspired by the community-favourite point of interest (POI) Retail Row.

4. Gucci — Selling Digital Bags That Are More Expensive Than the Physical Bag

Gucci, a high-end fashion house, entered the metaverse in 2020. Gucci and Roblox partnered last year with some rare Gucci goods being sold on the Roblox site. The move was made to access the metaverse and assist the Roblox creator community. Roblox and Gucci wanted to deepen their relationship even further in 2021. The Gucci garden Archetypes, a two-week immersive multimedia event in Florence, Italy, that researched and honoured the brand’s 100th birthday, was launched on May 17th. Everyone on Roblox had access to the virtual Gucci Garden environment for two weeks in May. Those in attendance were able to see and experience Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele’s version, aesthetics, and inclusive ideology through 15 previous advertising campaigns. On Roblox platforms, the house released limited edition products such as Virtual purses. The Roblox experience was designed to mirror the actual experience by allowing Roblox users to buy digital clothes that were only accessible for a limited time, creating a sense of scarcity and raising pricing. Some of them went for 350,000 Robux or $4,115 which is more than the $3,400 retail value of a real bag. Since then, the show has travelled to Shanghai, Tokyo, Los Angeles, and Paris, among other locations considering the travel limitations. Gucci created a virtual tour of their Gucci Garden which is still available. Visitors depart having had a unique and engaging shopping experience in both the digital and physical worlds.

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5. Louis Vuitton — Louis The Game

The metaverse offers a life that is extremely linked. It will usher in a digital revolution in which our physical and virtual lives become completely intertwined. ‘Louis The Game’- a video game that blends Louis Vuitton’s tradition, creativity, and NFT art, was created as a part of the fashion house’s recent events for Louis Vuitton’s birthday- August 4th, 1821. It starts with Vivienne, a bubbly girl who has a striking resemblance to Louis Vuitton. Within the game, players may enter a realm where they can learn about the history of fashion houses and collect monogram candles, which can be used to unlock new levels. With 30 NFTs, the game incorporates cutting-edge Blockchain technology. Ten of the 30 NFTs were created in collaboration with digital artist Mike ‘Beeple’ Winkelmann, a computer artist who made ten of them, popularly known as ‘Beeple’. NFTs will surface randomly as players progress through the game’s numerous stages, which are accessible on both Apple Store and Google Play. Although they are collectibles, they aren’t for sale. They will then have the opportunity to acquire and store NFTs in a digital wallet that users will only be able to access once the year ends. With its take on the fashion house’s tradition and NFTs, the game is entertaining and cross-generational. As a result of the game and future innovations, Louis Vuitton anticipates that the NFT collection will attract and keep clients to their world of fashion.

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6. Burberry — Honor of Kings

Similar to Louis Vuitton, Burberry is foraying into the metaverse with the goal of providing clients with an experience that is as close to that of the real world as possible. Burberry and the video game Honor of Kings have cooperated, including Burberry designs to the game. Burberry’s passion for fashion, as well as the unique interaction that exists between humans and nature, inspired the partnership. Yao, the female protagonist, demonstrates this. Her outfits and abilities to shift into a deer embrace nature’s essence and Burberry’s house code manifestation of fashion in the animal world. Any game enthusiast who wants to buy one of the clothes from the game may do so online or in a Burberry shop near them. The London-based fashion brand is making its first move into the realm of video games. The Honor of Kings’ association with the fashion company will allow the brand to further investigate and comprehend humans’ relationship with adventure and the metaverse.

7. Nike — Creating Immersive Experiences

Nike made a deep dive into the metaverse in order to be relevant and a top retailer, producing user-driven experiences that interact with their physical product. A Director of Metaverse Engineering was even hired by the company. The startup has combined fashion, entertainment, and gaming breakthroughs using augmented reality (AR) techniques. The firm debuted an interactive experience that incorporates virtual and augmented reality into its purchasing process earlier this year. Customers visited Nike’s House of Innovation in New York which was available from February 4th to 11th 2021. Visitors got to explore a virtual replica of Smith Rock State Park in Oregon using just their cell phones and other virtual augmented devices. When entering the virtual environment, visitors were given a personalized checklist and a digital guide to help them find their way to the House of Innovation. To lure clients, the activities within the place were made as engaging and enjoyable as possible. The fashion and business collaborated with HoveCraft, a brand experience company to accomplish this. Nike is one of the only companies investigating the metaverse experiences. Nike is discreetly planning to enter the metaverse and sell digital replicas of it’s branded footwear apparel at a variety of metaverse locations.

Disclaimer: The author’s thoughts and comments are solely for educational reasons and informative purposes only. They do not represent financial, investment, or other advice.




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