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World’s Top 15 Most Expensive NFTs

This year, there has been a boom in interest surrounding the Non Fungible Tokens within the online Cryptocurrency community. The NFT itself can be any type of digital item, such as a painting, a tweet, a movie, music or a GIF; therefore, NFTs are not interchangeable because they are unique data units on a Blockchain. In recent years, there have been several successful NFT sales, making it simple to construct the most costly NFTs ever sold.

Most of the NFTs were sold using Ether (ETH), a Cryptocurrency whose value changes based on market conditions. NFT sales increased dramatically in February and March 2021, for whatever reason. Hundreds of millions of dollars were made by digital artists selling their NFTs to Cryptocurrency investors and collectors.

During the first three months of 2021, people spent over $2 Billion on NFTs. The jump from the fourth quarter of 2020 to the fourth quarter of 2021 is staggering- 2,050 per cent. Because of the exceptional demand, the prices of NFT artworks and collectables have also risen.

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The digital artwork named ‘Everyday’s- The First 5000 Days’, complied by Mike Winkelmann, commonly known professionally as Beeple, is now at the top of the charts. Christie’s auction house sold this piece for a whopping $69.3 Million on March 11th, 2021. The digital work comprises a collection of JPEG photographs that artist has gathered and put online every day since 2007.

Here are the Top 15 most Expensive NFTs sold to date


NFT Digital House- ($500,000):

Krista Kim, a well-known modern artist, recently sold an NFT-minted digital mansion for 288 Ether. It comes to roughly $500,000 in all. It’s called ‘Mars House’. The world’s first NFT digital mansion was sold for more than half a million dollars in March 2021! In May 2020, Kim created the house with Unreal Engine, a game-making software. Mars House’s winning bidder now has the option to commission the furniture as real items, which Kim claims will be produced of the tempered printed glass in Italy. In addition, Krista Kim collaborated with Smashing Pumpkins’ Jeff Schroeder to compose a soothing soundtrack for Mars House.


CryptoPunk #2681 — ($560,000):

CryptoPunks, as defined by, is a “combination of art, technology, absurdity, and social experimentation that is similar to radical Tokenization tactics utilised by artists like Andy Warhol.” The amount of CryptoPunks accessible is limited to 10,000. So, once you have one, it is yours to keep for the rest of your life or until you decide to sell it for a profit. This CryptoPunk #2681 was purchased on February 19th, 2021, and is worth around $2,000 per ET.

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Nyan Cat- ($590,000):

You’re probably wondering, “I’ve seen this cat a million times,” so how is it possible for the artist to earn almost $600k from it?” This cat has been on the web for ten years this April, and artist Chris Torres is now reaping the benefits. Nyan Cat was ranked #5 on the list of most-watched YouTube videos of 2011. “I’m very surprised with the success,” Torres said, “but I feel I’m most glad knowing that I’ve opened the door to an entirely new meme economy within the Crypto world.” Within 24-hours, the bidding went from $1,500 to around $590,000.


Hairy- ($888,888):

Even though it appears that anybody can enter into the NFT industry and make money, the most successful NFTs are generally created by well-known artists. For instance, Hairy resulted from a collaboration between DJ Steve Aoki and artist Antoni Tudisco. According to Artnet, the work was purchased for a stunning $888,888 in March of 2021. While far from being the most valuable NFT, it’s a testimonial on how quickly these pieces can gain value, as well as how unique and atypical they can be.


Forever Rose- ($1,000,000):

Kevin Abosch is a Crypto artist who is well-known for his conceptual works. He had already made some impressive deals before the digital art trend, including selling a shot of a potato for a million euros! Abosch sold one of his captives, a rose, for a million dollars on Valentine’s Day 2018. Forever Rose was the most expensive virtual artwork in the world at the time, according to CNN. It was sold as an NFT on the Ethereum Blockchain. As an abstract artwork, the piece was a game-changer, making headlines in a year when the infatuation with NFTs hadn’t yet reached the mainstream.


Auction Winner Picks The Name- ($1,330,000):

While most NFTs are still photos or GIFs, Auction Winner Picks The Name was a music video created in partnership with SlimeSunday by artist 3LAU. In essence, the song and music video would be offered to the highest bidder, along with the ability to name the tune. Auction Winner Picks The Name, according to NFTs Street, was purchased for more than one-and-a-third million dollars, making it one of the most expensive non-visual NFTs ever sold and demonstrating that all types of art may operate as NFTs.


Axie Infinity Virtual Game “Genesis” Estate- ($1,500,000):

Before the record-breaking NFT sales in March 2021, a user on the Blockchain marketplace and game platform Axie Infinity set a record in early February this year when they sold an estate of nine contiguous Genesis blocks for 888.25 ETH ($1.5 Million). This was the largest NFT transaction at the time, and it remains the most valued virtual land sale ever. The genesis land plots are unique and limited in supply. They’ll also be in an ideal position in Axie Land, the upcoming new Axie Infinity game mode.


CryptoPunk #6965 — ($1,540,000):

Another CryptoPunk Ape is at number 5 this week, making it a back-to-back ape-fest. Except for headgear and $300,000, there isn’t much difference between numbers 5 and 6. Each image is 24-by-24 pixels to give you a better idea of the size of these CryptoPunks. The characters are a throwback to the Cypherpunks of the early 1990s, who were created by Timothy C. May and John Gilmore and convened monthly at Gilmore’s company, Cygnus Solutions. Jude Milton coined the term, and the Oxford English Dictionary included it in its dictionary in 2006. They started a mailing list to discuss technical topics such as mathematics, Cryptography, computer science, political and philosophical debates, personal conflicts, and other topics.


The Best I Could Do- ($1,650,000):

According to NFTs Street, Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland authored The Best I Could Do, which sold for well over a million dollars. Rick and Morty are one of the most well-known and frequently mentioned modern cartoon series, therefore the creator’s influence on this NFT ranking was going to be felt. It is a bizarre, almost alien riff on the popular animated series The Simpsons, The Best I Could Do is a doodle featuring characters from the show all bearing what appear to be udders on their stomachs. It’s obscure, but it’ll certainly appeal to fans of Roiland’s other works.


The First Twitter Tweet– ($2,900,000):

In 2006, Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey also posted the first tweet on the network, a simple note that read “just setting up my twttr.” Despite the fact that the tweet would remain on Twitter, it was sold as an NFT for $2.9 million to Sina Estav, CEO of Bridge Oracle, according to NFTS Street. The NFT would be “signed and certified by the creator” for Estav. The 2.9 million dollars raised were donated to GiveDirectly, a charity that specialises in providing financial resources to the impoverished, and its COVID-19 relief projects in Africa.


Doge– ($4,000,000):

The concept of an NFT is frequently odd to newbies and those unfamiliar with the ever-evolving Crypto market, and the fact that buyers are paying as much as four million dollars for a meme doesn’t help matters. There are many things most people don’t know about Cryptocurrency, but considering how popular it is becoming, it may be worthwhile to grasp the basics. Pleaserdao, the auction winner, submitted a bid of 1,696.9 ETH, which is an astounding amount of Cryptocurrency to spend on anything, let alone an image of one of the internet’s most well-known memes, according to NBCNews.


Crossroads- ($6,600,000):

Mike Winkelmann, a digital artist, A.K.A. Beeple has made multiple dystopian art pieces mocking American presidential candidates such as Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders. However, his Crossroads piece is perhaps very well-known.

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CryptoPunk #7804 -($7,570,000):

For a brief while, CryptoPunk #7804 was the most valuable CryptoPunk ever sold. CryptoPunk #7804, like its record-breaking sibling, is one of the nine Alien punks. It was purchased for a little less than $15,000 by Dylan Field, CEO of software startup Figma, in January 2018. Field accepted a $7.57 million bid from an unknown Twitter user known as Peruggia after keeping an eye on a CryptoPunks Discord Channel. The field also has a collection of digital art, including more CryptoPunks and Beeple’s work.


CryptoPunk #3100 — ($7,580,00):

While artist Beeple was creating history, another historic NFT transaction was taking place in another corner of the internet. An unknown bidder paid 4,200 Ethereum (ETH) for CryptoPunk (#3100), which is one of the world’s first NFTs CryptoPunk #3100 is one of only nine Alien punks, making it even rarer. It was put up for sale by its owner on January 23, 2021, and various bids ranging from $1.7 million to $2.19 million were made before the record bid of $7.58 million.


Everyday- The First 5000 Days — ($69,000,000):

Christie’s sold a vast collection of Beeple’s artworks for a record-breaking price of 69 million at its first-ever digital art auction. Since May 2007, Beeple has been creating artwork every day, without missing a single day. Everyday is an art piece that differs in terms of format, medium, and theme, and frequently use dystopian or satirical situations. Beeple is the “third most expensive living artist” in terms of auction values, according to Artnet, following Jeff Knoos and David Hockney.

Disclaimer:- The author’s thoughts and comments are solely for educational reasons and do not represent financial, investment, or other advice.




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