Vol 35: Digital Asset Fund Flows Weekly

Week Ending 28 June 2021 | Ethereum bears the brunt of the negative sentiment with record outflows of US$50m

James Butterfill
Jun 28 · 2 min read

Digital asset investment products saw a fourth consecutive week of outflows totalling US$44m. Since mid-May, as negative sentiment has remained prevalent, net weekly outflows now total US$313m representing 0.8% of total assets under management (AuM). This outflow, on a relative basis, remains small in comparison to the negative sentiment in early 2018 where outflows as a percentage of AuM totalled 4.9%.

This week most of the negative sentiment was focussed on Ethereum where net outflows totalled US$50m, the largest on record. These outflows represent 5% of the US$943 inflows year-to-date.

Bitcoin saw minor outflows totalling US$1.3m, its seventh consecutive week of outflows. Flows were varied across providers, with some seeing substantive outflows while others saw inflows, suggesting mixed sentiment for Bitcoin amongst investors.

Multi-digital asset investment products continued to buck the negative trend with inflows of US$6m last week, suggesting that investors continue to favour digital assets but are keen to diversify.

Find the full report here: https://coinshares.com/research/digital-asset-fund-flows


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