☀️ CoinSnacks Summer 2018 Recap

It’s true. The end of summer is in sight.

Kids are back in school. Football kickoffs are underway. And weekly routines are inching back to normalcy after a long, hot summer.

Many of you have recently spent time on the road enjoying vacations, deliberately avoiding emails and hopefully — if you’re anything like us — staying away from CoinMarketCap. 😅

That said, despite the undeniably painful price action we’ve seen lately, there’s actually been a massive amount of progress brewing inside the crypto community.

Infrastructure is expanding… regulatory waters are calming… core developers continue to pave project roadmaps… and markets are evidently maturing.

As the saying goes, bear markets are for building.

And fortunately, we’ve managed to stay on top of all the market conundrum.

So, before you turn back to your routines at school, work or home, we thought we’d offer a quick recap of what went down in the crypto world this summer for those who have taken long breaks, or perhaps missed a few things along the way.

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Without further ado, here’s everything we published over the last few months…

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As a token of gratitude, we wanted to thank EVERYONE who’s been apart of this journey, helping us raise the tide of crypto week by week.

Below are our own highlights from the recent summer of rage.

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The CoinSnacks Team