A special offer for Coin Stats Android users in partnership with AppCoins

Narek Gevorgyan
Nov 19, 2018 · 2 min read

Lifetime PRO on Android for 75% off? 😲 Now it is possible for first 100 users! 🎉

We are pleased to announce, that recently we have finished integration of AppCoins in-app billing on Coin Stats Android app. Coin Stats supports it on the app downloaded from Aptoide Android app store.

In partnership with AppCoins, we’re launching a special offer for Coin Stats Android users. Now, you can purchase a lifetime PRO access for Coin Stats Platform for just 400 APPC ($25 at todays price), thats even cheaper than a yearly subscription from Google Play!!!

Please note, that the promotion applies to first 100 purchases using APPC, after reaching the threshold we will increase the price to 1500 APPC. So, hurry up!

To participate, just download Coin Stats Android app from Aptoide store here and turn ON Pro from inside the app.

Feel free to reach us on support@coinstats.app for any questions or inquiries.

Have you seen our new web app at http://coinstats.app? Its a new ad-free way to track crypto prices and portfolio on your desktop!

Coin Stats

Cryptocurrency research and portfolio tracker

Narek Gevorgyan

Written by

Founder @ Coin Stats

Coin Stats

Cryptocurrency research and portfolio tracker

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