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Akita Inu Coin: The Community-Centric Coin That Bridged To Avalanche

What is AKITA?

An ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, what once started off as a meme token possessing neither a team nor project has now accumulated a strong community of over 600,000 holders. Through its rapid development and dedicated community, AKITA has managed to achieve a $3.5 billion market capitalisation at an all-time high. Its strong belief coupled with the substantial support of its community in its mission to transform the Akita Inu Coin into a utility token with various use cases has managed to bridge to Avalanche for project governance, ultimately empowering the community.

AKITA Token Overview

Totaly Supply: 100,000,000,000,000

Total Circulation Supply: 92,179,812,157,840

Market Cap: $3.5 billion

Launch Date: 1st February 2021

Coinstore Listing: 29 April 2022, 15:00 (UTC +8)

Deposit Time: 29 April 2022, 13:00 (UTC +8)

Withdrawal Time: 29 April 2022, 17:00 (UTC +8)

What is the Token Utility of AKITA?

As an up-and-coming token that plans on expanding its cross-chain interoperability as well as establishing itself as a decentralized cooperative that uses liquidity and the token model to structure and incentives members for contribution, AKITA’s token utility is as such:

  • Low gas fees
  • Fast transactions
  • Bridging Ethereum to Avalanche to create new liquidity pools

At the time of writing, one AKITA token is valued at $0.0000006876~ USD with a trading volume of $1,420,216 USD, and an increase of 5.25% in the last 24-hours.

A Closer Look at AKITA’s Tokenomics

AKITA has a total token supply of 100,000,000,000,000, and a total circulation supply of 92,179,812,157,840. Here’s a closer look at AKITA’s tokenomics:

  • 7.82% tokens burned

AKITA’s Roadmap

A rapidly developing project, AKITA has mapped out several long-term aims and objectives they plan to achieve in its roadmap. Here are several key goals they wish to attain:

  1. Registering the DAO as a legal entity and procuring their own network — AKITA Network, via Avalanche subnets
  2. Building their own social media network on their own blockchain layer

Users who are interested in making this potential project soar even further can check out AKITA at from 29 April 2022, 15:00 (UTC +8) onwards!

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